Alternative Private Search Engines

The reign of Google as the most popular search engine in the world seems indisputable and the company has taken over practically every aspect of internet. When you are online, it is almost impossible to avoid Google and privacy concerned users worry about the fact that in the end, the giant search engine works as a marketing tool designed to collect information with the help of tracking cookies. The data compiled is used as market research for companies that offer products and services and that want to target customers with more effective results. Google may be the most prominent name online but Yahoo, Bing and other services are also being used for commercial purposes, while at the same time they provide access to a universe of free information.

The good news is that you can find alternatives that allow you to enhance the protection to your data while you are browsing internet. Although private search engines will not guarantee your online anonymity, they aim to offer users the possibility of enjoying a less invasive browsing experience. These search engine services are committed to respect your privacy as they will not collect and distribute your browsing history. Keep in mind that if you want to access information online securely and without being targeted by online surveillance, it is advisable to combine private search engines with a good quality VPN. This will ensure that your information is encrypted, keeping it protected from prying eyes. Here is a list of some of the most convenient search engines that you can use instead of Google.


This Dutch search engine stands out for providing an encrypted service that doesn’t keep logs of your data and that will not collect IP addresses. While the service works by using Google and other search engine sources unified to give you access to a wider selection of information, they don’t use cookies. The interface is simple and you can search for images, videos or select an advanced function.


This is another solution by Ixquick and it is designed to provide the same level of privacy and encryption but it doesn’t collect search results from multiple search engines. Instead, it focuses on requesting the search from Google, which means that you can get access to all the information that the giant search engine can hold, without compromising your privacy. When you use Startpage or Ixquick, you can prevent that your search queries are traced back to you. They give you the chance to access all the data available online, without giving up your privacy.


If you are looking for an advanced, private and smart way to search information online, WolframAlpha may be the right solution. This computational knowledge engine supports a unique browsing experience that not only allows you to keep your privacy protected, but that can also help you to get more relevant and precise results. WolframAlpha applies a variety of mathematical and scientific calculations and it gives you the possibility of making advanced searches by topic. You can find information in categories like Engineering, Media, Weather, Music, Physics, Education,. Sports, Geography and more.


DuckDuckGo is probably the most recognized option on the list and their privacy policy states that they don’t collect any data that could be used to identify you. The service is free and tracking cookies are not used, furthermore, IP records are deleted from the server. They also claim that they are unable to see where search entries are coming from, which makes DuckDuckGo an ideal option for anyone who wants to ensure that every aspect of their data remains undisclosed.


Combining results from Google and Bing, Privatelee is another practical solution that allows you to access information without being targeted by ads based on your searches.The interface is simple and you can look for images easily. It is also possible to adjust the search settings according to your country and preferences. Since Privatelee offers shortcuts to look for information in the mainstream search engines, you can get results without being tracked. When you use Privatelee, your IP address is not saved and you are not subjected to network cookies.


Qrobe also works with top search engines and it delivers combined results in a clean and fast way that is also designed to help you to keep your privacy. Apart from offering features like infinite scrolling in both image and web results, Qrobe allows you to enjoy access to a world of endless information without being tracked. It is easy to use and convenient.

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