Best working Kodi 17 Build list 2018

With Kodi Builds, it is possible to get a pre-setup install that is already configured with must-have addons that are ready for use. You will find one of a kind Skins, as well as exclusive artwork and layouts. There are some differences between each build and they need to match the hardware that you are using and suit your preferences so that you get the most from it. Before we go through a list of the best options available, let’s find out more about Kodi.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is a popular Open Source Media Player that allows you to play pretty much any kind of media file like music or videos. It can decode any file format from MKV to MP3. Given that it is Open Source, it is easy to change the interface and other features.

What is a Kodi Addon?

Kodi Addons are also known as Plugins and they work in a similar way as apps work with smartphones. They allow Kodi to expand its functionality and give you more options in regards to entertainment. There is a vast selection of addons available, including third-party add-ons that are not officially supported by the Kodi team.

What is a Kodi Build?

Kodi can be easily customized once it has been set up in the way a user prefers, using Skins, Buttons and Addons, it is possible to share it. Sharing a setup is what is known as a Build and it is available in different sizes, addons, skins, interfaces and more. A Kodi Build can be created by anyone. All that is needed is that they back up and export their current Kodi install and share it.

Installing a Kodi Build

The majority of Builds feature a repository that has the Build for download. A repository is just a website that keeps the Build for anyone so that they access and download it. A Repository has a URL that needs to be entered into Kodi. There are many Builds available so it is difficult to decide which is the best option. You will find different opinions regarding the best option and why you should use it. One of the main issues to consider is that there are many hardware platforms available for Kodi. You can use a Build that has many graphics and that is loaded with extras and it will run without issues on a fast computer, but you may experience issues if you run it on a Fire TV.

It is also important to consider that one of the things that defines what a good build is, is the support that the developer offers and the updates that are carried out. Addons may only be available for a short while, so it is important to have a developer who updates the addon as often as needed. Here you will find a list of the best Kodi Build for your setup.

The importance of using a VPN

Kodi is a versatile solution to stream and manage media content. What really makes it a powerful solution to access a wide variety of content are the addons that you can use with it. The problem is that many of these addons enable users to access content that is subject to copyright. If you are using free addons to access and stream premium content such as the latest movies, you can be sure that copyright holders won’t be happy at all. You may receive warning letters from your ISP or face other issues. The best option would be not to use these addons and opt for options that are paid, or that offer access to public domain content. However, if you insist in using addons that offer access to copyrighted content for free, you need to be aware of the possible issues. One way to protect your privacy is to use a VPN. This technology encrypts your data, hides your real IP address and allows you to get around restrictions. You will be able to access a wider range of content, without compromising the privacy of your data. We recommend you to consider high quality, effective and reliable options like ExpressVPN, IPVanish,NordVPN and PIA.

Best Kodi Builds

No Limits Magic

This Build has a clean, easy to use interface with a practical layout and background photos. No Limits Magic comes with the best add-ons and sections that will suit different interests. It offers fast access to movies, TV shows and more. The data is well organized and the design of the addon is stylish and functional.

Cellar Door TV

This is a Kodi Build that has a very appealing interface. It works very well on the Amazon Fire TV Sticks, Mac, Windows, Android and other devices. Cellar Door TV allows you to find movies, sports, music, kids, TV series and more. It includes popular addons that are working.


Titanium is a Build for Kodi Krypton that offers a great variety of entertainment including sports, Live TV, movies, kids shows, music and news. It features many of the latest addons such as Covenant, Genesis Reborn and Neptune Rising. Titanium stands out thanks to the fact that it is lightweight and incredibly fast. This makes it the perfect choice for Fire Sticks and devices with lower capacity.

Misfit Mod Lite

This is another Kodi Build that is definitely worth checking. It was designed to be light and to run without issues on less advanced devices like the Fire Stick. You will find a fully working TV Guide, many options to enjoy sports, movies and more.


Nova offers a similar appearance and feel as Pulse CCM, an old addon. However, it was created by a new developer. Nova allows you to access a vast selection of country and it comes with all the features needed to get the best possible entertainment experience.


This Kodi Build was recently launched and it was created by Subzero Wizard. It is lightweight and uses the Razer skin layout. The sections featured include Sports, Music, TV shows, Movies, Kids and Documentary. The addons included are Sports Hub, BOOM, Placenta, The loop, Pyramuc, Star Tec, Cerebro IPTV, Extreme Odyssey and more.

Hard Nox

Here is another great build created by MisFit Mods and it uses the Aeon Nox 5: Silvo Skin. Like the majority of Builds, it features all the popular top Add-ons including Covenant and Neptune Rising. It is consistently updated and it looks amazing.


This Build is a good option for Kodi 17.6 Krypton and it features the Aeon Nox Silvo Skin. It is very lightweight, in spite of the fact that it comes with a vast selection of addons and sub menus. You can easily find the content that you want to watch. It is compatible with most platforms.

Fury X

Indominus Wizard offers a Kodi Build that is ideal for Amazon Fire Sticks. It is small in size and runs without any issues on Amazon devices, as well as other streaming solutions. Fury X uses Xonfluence skin and it offers a good selection of add-ons such as Dothraki, Incursion, Kids Corner V2, News On, Oculus, Placenta, Uranus, Skynet and Neptune Rising.

Kodi Collusion

This is a new Kodi Build that is offered by One Nation Portal. It is another lightweright solution and it features Aeon Nox Silvo Skin. It is compatible with most devices running Kodi.


This a new Kodi Build created by Ezzerman Wizard that features Aeon Nox Skin. It is compatible with the majority of Kodi hardware including Firestick and Android TV boxes. The sections that you can find include NetStreams AIO, Best of the Rest, Movies, Sports and NetStreams AIO.

BK Nox

In terms of speed, this Kodi Build from the Stream Digital Wizard takes the lead. BK Nox features Aeon Nox Silvo Skin and it offers sections like Live TV, Music, TV Shows, Movies and Ultra HD for 4k Movies. You will find all the updated Kodi Addons such as Monster Munch, Maverick, Xtreme, Placenta, Midian and Oculus.

The Reaper

The Reaper Wizard offers a new Build that has a large selection of addons and sub-menus. It works with Phenomenal Skin.


This is one of the latest and fastest Builds available from Misfit Mods Wizard. Khaos features the Black Glass Nova skin and it works very well on the Amazon Fire TV Sticks, Macs, Kodi Devices, Android and more.

The Sky

Wiztech Wizard brings a new Kodi Build that offers the top addons, as well as sections fro movies, Kids entertainment, TV shows, music and more.


You can install this new Kodi Build using MBMan Repository. X-onic uses Xonfluence skin and it offers a variety of sections including Neptune Rising, Maverick TV, Uranus, Star Tec, Placenta, Wresting on Demands, DreamBeats, Aragon Live, SkyNet and Pure Sports.


This is a Build for Kodi 18 Leia and Xbox One from stream Digital Repository, It can be installed on any Kodi devices and it contains a variety of sections including Movies, Music, Kids, TV Shows and Sports. Some of the add-ons included are Genesis Reborn, TNT, Covenant, Now Music, SkyNet, Supremacy, Yoda and Incursion.


Tundra uses the Aeon Nox Skin and it is a good choice of smaller devices like the Fire Stick. This Kodi Build by Ukodi1 Wizard comes with sections like live TV, chill out, sports, movies, TV shows, kids and music.


This new Kodi Build uses Aeon Nox Skin and it is another lightweight option that works well on pretty much any device.

VoDoo Dark

This is a new Kodi Build that you can install through Stream Digital Wizard. VooDoo Dark uses Bello6 Skin interface and it lets you enjoy a good selection of content including Sports Channel, Music, Live Media and Kids Stuff.


One Nation Repository delivers Continuum, a lightweight and convenient Kodi Build that included add-ons like Copy and Paste, Power TV, Redemption, Sports Mania, Selfless Supremacy and Monster Munch. Continuum is easy to use and it offers features like TV shows, Extras, Portal, System and Add-on Hub.

Collusion Kodi 18 Leia

Collusion uses Aeon Nox Silvo and it is available from One Nation Repository. You will find sections for music, sports, live TV, TV shows, Portal, System and more. You will also find New Release Hub, Pluto, More Power, Deceit, Jokes Sports and Sports 365.


This is a Kodi Build from Lockdown Repository that uses Skin interface Lambent X. It offers sections like Sports, Horror, Aptoide, Music, Movies, Family, TV Guide, Apps, Power, My Shows, TV Guide and Wizard.

Xbox Alpha Kodi 18 Leia

While it is still in Alpha or development stage, this build can be used already. It offers support for ROM Games and it can be installed from Lockdown Repository. You just need to install Lockdown Wizard under Program Add-ons. It comes with a varied selection of addons such as Pure Sports, At the flix, Placenta, Kids Corner V2, Resistance, The Loop and Maverick TV.


Lobo is another good option from the Reaper Wizard. It has sections like Live TV, Sports, Music Box, Kids, All in One, Stings and more. The build includes popular addons like The Lab, IPTV Extra, Catch up TV, USA TV, FlixNet, Maverick TV, Nemesis and Genesis Reborn. It has sections like Kids, Movies, Live TV and Sports.

Fantasia Lite

This is a Kodi Build from Illuminati Repository. It uses Aeon Nox skin and it works on pretty much any Kodi device. There are sections for movies, 4K, Live TV, and Kids shows. It comes loaded with many amazing addons like Kids Planet, Midian, Magic Dragon, Yoda, Extreme Sports, Copy.Paste, Atriox, Insomniac.


Eminence is another build that works with Krypton and it is an option from The Chef Wizard. The addon features sections dedicated to Music, Documentaries, Sports, Fitness, Movies and more. The Kodi addons include Startc, Brain Dran, Cooking Channel, Placenta, Eyasses and Monster Munch.


Terrorize Wizard brings another Kodi Build that offers fast performance and that relies on Aeon Nox Silvo Skin. It features popular add-ons such as Aragin Live, Final Gear, Supremacy, Placenta and Neptune Rising. You will find sections for Kids, System, Sports, Combat and Movies.

OneAlliance Simplicity

OneAlliance uses Metropolis skin interface and while it is quite large, it offers an extensive selection of sections such as Live TV, You Tube, Movies and Music. Some of the addon included are UKTV Play, Modbro, Live TV, Modbro, Supremacy and Boom.


Futuristic is an addon that uses Aeon Nox Silvo skin. It comes with sections for sports, kids, music, IPTV, System, TV shows, kids and favorites. The build comes with new add-ons such as Deck Chair, Benelli and Smith and Wesson.


This Kodi build is lightweight and can be used easily. It is perfect for people who like movies, Live TV, Sports, Kids, Music and more. It is well-organized and will work well on Amazon Fire TV and similar devices.


This Kodi Build uses Aeon Nox Silvo Skin and it comes from Grindhouse Wizard. It offers sections for Movies, Sports, Mini Borgs, Real debrid, Music, Live TV, Favorites and System.


This is a Kodi Build that you can install through Digital Repository. The build uses Aeon Nox Skin. The sections included are Sports, Kids, All in One, TV shows, movies and more. The add-ons features are Placenta, Maverick TV, Supremacy, The Magic Dragon and Digibox, just to name a few.


The sections in this Kodi Build from Misfit Mods Repository uses Bubbles Aeon Nox skin and it comes with sections like Kids, Live TV, Her Place, Favorites, Horror, Urban, Cooking, Sports, Music. Serenity comes with Monster Munch, Empire, Neptune Rising, Star Tec, Wraith and Project Cypher.

Krypton Xon

This Kodi Build from Merlin Wizard uses Xonfluence skin and it features sections like Sports, All in one, Browse, Kids, Documentary, Kids and System. Krypton Xon also comes with an extensive list of addons like Placenta, Digibox, Pandora box, Supremacy and Neptune Rising.


Based on the popular movie featuring dinosaurs, this add-on from UKodi1 Repository uses Aeon Nox Skin. It offers an extensive selection of content ranging from TV shows to Movies, as well as live TV, Kids and more.

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