Best SmartDNS Providers

SmartDNS has become the favorite solution for people who have multiple devices in their household. In order to access global content without limits across all your devices, regardless of where you are located, you may need to disguise your IP address. While this is possible with the help of a VPN and this technology also offers a high level of security, SmartDNS (also known as DNS proxy) is the preferred method for many users thanks to the improved speed that it provides. In order to get easy access to the best media content online on you Smart TV, gaming console, tablets, smartphones and other devices, a SmartDNS would be a practical option.

A SmartDNS is faster than a VPN and in many cases, it is easier to set up. However, it is important to remember that it doesn’t offer encryption for your data and you will need to change settings whenever your IP changes. Still, if unlocking applications and streaming services that are not available in your country is your main concern, a SmartDNS may be the way to go and here you will find a list of some of the most reliable providers available in the industry. Before we go through the best services you can choose from, we will start with information that will help you to set up a SmartDNS.

How to Set up a SmartDNS

In general, setting up a SmartDNS is very simple and the process to configure the service directly on the device should only take a few steps. You would only need to go to the Network Settings and update your DNS number. What may take you longer is determining your IP address and entering this information on the provider’s website in order to get the service working. The setting up process would vary from one provider to the other so it may take longer in some cases. Something else to consider is that every time your IP changes, you need to update the information. Keep in mind that the frequency with which the IP is changed, would depend on the Internet Service Provider.


One of the reasons why IronSocket is an ideal option for anyone who is concerned about privacy and online surveillance, is the fact that they are based in Hong Kong. This allows them to offer a service that is less vulnerable to limitations and intrusion from US organizations. Their Smart DNS Proxy solution costs $4.16 per month and it is designed to ensure that you can bypass censorship filters effectively. You can easily access streaming services without experiencing a significant impact on the speed of your connection. No activity logs are kept and they accept Bitcoin as a method of payment.

CactusVPN is relatively new in the market but this Moldovan provider has earned the trust of a large base of users thanks to its clear no logging policy and the convenience of its services. For just $3.49 per month, you can subscribe to their Smart DNS, which allows you to unblock content from United Kingdom, United States, Poland and Germany. Alternatively, you can opt for a plan that offer VPN and Smart DNS for $4.89 per month. There is a large selection of streaming channels and websites that can be unlocked with CactusVPN and since customers can suggest additional options, the list keeps growing. Some of the payment methods accepted include cards, Alipay, Yandex and PayPal.

Based in UK, OverPlay has built a strong reputation as a fast and easy to use service to access the content you want, no matter where you are. Their set-up guides, remarkable speeds and great support are some of the factors that make them worth considering. While some connection logs are kept, their privacy policy states that they don’t track your online activities. Their stand alone Smart DNS service costs $4.16 per month (when you subscribe for a full year) and while they also have a plan that combines VPN and Smart DNS, it is slightly expensive at $8.33/ month when you pay for one year.

The affordability of ibVPN has ensured that this provider remains highly popular throughout the years. They have a a selection of plans that will suit different needs, including one that combines SmartDNS and iBDNS. This plan provides access to over 300 channels and gives you the possibility of unlocking websites and streaming services seamlessly. This plans costs only $3.08 per month if you subscribe for a full year and it supports remarkable speeds. Furthermore, you can rely on the excellent service that the ibVPN technical support team can offer.

While Unblock-Us lists VPN technology as an option, the reality is that this provider is focused on Smart DNS alone. They offer a strong selection of features that will ensure that you can get access to the content that you prefer, defeating geo-location restrictions without any problem. Their great selection of channels and their service can be configured with a large variety of platforms. A free trial is available and if after that you decide that it is the right solution for your needs, you can subscribe for $49.90 a year or $4.99 per month.

SmartDNS is a convenient option when you want to browse content quickly and without restrictions based on your location. It is particularly useful when it comes to streaming and it can be more affordable and faster than a VPN. However, you should keep in mind that it doesn’t offer the same level of protection for your privacy, plus if your IP changes very often, it can be annoying to have to change settings every time. Still, SmartDNS is very popular and may the best solution for gamers and anyone who wants to avoid the slowdowns that a VPN can cause.

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