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Many internet users in Asia are subject to online censorship and filtering that prevent them from enjoying access to content freely. Multiple countries in the region are known for blocking information that goes against their governments or religious beliefs. In some cases, YouTube and popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have been banned. Different arguments have been used to justify these actions, but in general, the governments in the countries affected, have opted for preventing the population from accessing content that could cause social or political unrest.

Given the situation experienced in certain countries, in order to express their opinion without fearing repercussions, many people in Asia have opted for using Tor or VPN services to disguise their IP address and identity. While Tor is good option to enjoy online anonymity, having the possibility of sharing their views with the world, is not the only reason why internet users in Asia want to bypass restrictions. For many, the possibility of streaming content from YouTube or from other video platforms is the main goal.

A VPN is a better solution for this purpose because it provides better speed and allows users to stream or download media content without major hassle. Apart from unblocking access to services and websites that are blocked in their countries due to censorship implemented by the government, a VPN gives users in Asia the possibility to enjoy content that is only available in specific countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. In addition, a VPN also adds security to your online connection because it encrypts your data, protecting it from prying eyes. Your ISP, the government or hackers, won’t have visibility of your browsing or what content you access on internet.

Here are the best VPN providers for users in Asia.


Based in Hong Kong, PureVPN is one of the best solutions for customers in Asia who wish to bypass censorship or geo-restrictions to access the content they want. The company has servers in 141 countries so you get a lot of flexibility to enjoy your browsing and streaming experience. Their VPN client supports the necessary features to ensure a secure and fast navigation. There are no logs kept of your online activities, Bitcoin is accepted and up to 5 simultaneous connections are supported. PureVPN gives you freedom to access Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more, while keeping your privacy protected.


ibVPN is a Romanian provider that offers a service that keeps your online traffic secure and that at the same time, allows you to unblock a wide selection of content. They offer great compatibility, easy to use software and excellent customer support. ibVPN has servers in 43 countries, including Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. These are good options for customers in other countries in the region who want fast and flexible access to content on internet. Additionally, ibVPN is known for its affordable plans that are designed to suit different needs.


Thanks to their fantastic Chameleon technology, VyprVPN is another good option for internet users in Asia. This feature will allow you to keep your VPN traffic secure and undetected, which is crucial in Asia since there are governments that are trying to prevent the use of VPNs. You will be able to bypass firewalls effectively and get access to a wide selection of servers across the world. They have servers in many locations in Asia, including Macau, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Philippines. VyprVPn doesn’t keep logs of your traffic and offers great speeds for streaming.

Private Internet Access

PIA is very popular in the VPN industry for a good reason: it is an affordable and effective solution to protect your privacy and defeat online restrictions. They don’t keep logs of your online usage and support Bitcoin as method of payment. The VPN client offers features like Kill switch and DNS leak protection. They have servers in 24 countries. While this seems limited compared to other providers, the selection of locations is varied and well distributed. Customers in Asia can connect to servers in Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, just to mention a few. Of course, they also offer the option to connect to servers in the US and UK so you can access popular streaming services.


Although VPN.Asia is relatively new in the industry, it has already earned a high level of popularity among customers in Asia who wish to enjoy a truly versatile and free online browsing experience. They have servers in 31 countries including multiple options in Asia like Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore. Their privacy policy establishes that no traffic or use logs are kept and they also accept Bitcoin. VPN.Asia’s software is easy to use and supports all the necessary features to protect your data and give you access to many websites and services blocked in your country.

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