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Brazil is one of the largest countries in the world and internet is highly popular among its population. In general, the press in Brazil enjoys freedom and the country is a prominent economic and political force in Latin America. Since 1986, when democracy was established again, censorship was removed and citizens have enjoyed access to information without major impediments. However, that doesn’t mean that there are not concerns about online freedom and privacy in Brazil.

A large percentage of users have opted for a VPN in order to protect their information and defend their right to enjoy internet without restrictions. Before we go through the list of the best VPN providers that have servers in Brazil and nearby countries, we will discuss the reasons why it is important to use this technology to protect your data and enjoy the content that you want.

Marco Civil da Internet

The Internet Bill of Rights or Marco Civil da Internet (Bill 2126/11) was originally conceived in 2007 and its first draft dates back to 2009. The bill was sanctioned in 2014 and it is intended to promote freedom of expression, user privacy and net neutrality. While guaranteeing complete anonymity is a challenge nowadays and Brazil (like other nations) is affected by political corruption, the law can be a good step towards a higher level of data protection and can help to defend freedom of speech effectively.

Government Censorship

The general situation of freedom of speech in Brazil doesn’t seem to raise major concerns. However, a closer look reveals that censorship is an issue in the country and there are multiple indicators that prove this. The highest number of government requests sent to Google to get content removed and obtain personal data, came from Brazil. Furthermore, the Brazilian government was quick to request the use of Twitter’s country censorship tool once this was released.

In addition, there are multiple ways of defamation and libel that are still criminalized and in order to prevent any legal issues, many writers and bloggers have opted for self-censorship. In fact, the number of reports and lawsuits increased dramatically during the 2012 elections. Even Google’s head in Brazil faced issues as a result of these reports. Online freedom in the South American country is not guaranteed and while things are improving and don’t appear to be as severe as in other places, the truth is that there are many issues to watch out for.

In fact, some whistle blowers, journalists and bloggers dedicated to expose the corruption of local institutions or to investigate criminal operations, have been targeted by censorship, and some have faced threats or have being kidnapped or murdered. Keeping this in mind, online privacy and freedom defenders and in general, any user in Brazil, should consider using a higher level of protection for their internet connection. Below are some of the most reliable solutions for Brazil.


ExpressVPN is one of the leading providers in the VPN industry and they have servers in Brazil and other countries in South America including Peru, Colombia and Venezuela. The remarkable speed of their service, combined with reliable performance and excellent customer support, have allowed the company to become the favorite choice for many users. Although the company is originally from the United States, ExpressVPN has addressed privacy concerns by moving operations to the British Virgin Islands. The price of the service is high when compared to other options, but it is an investment worth making.


If you are looking for good value for money, consider a subscription to PureVPN, a provider that offer convenient prices, up to five simultaneous connections and access to an extensive network of over 500 servers in 141 countries. The servers in Brazil are located in Sao Paulo and in addition, there are servers in nearby countries like Colombia and Argentina. The speeds are generally good and the client offers all the options to manage your connection in the way you prefer.


The extensive selection of servers, along with the impressive security that it offers, have allowed IronSocket to win a place in the list of the best VPN options for Brazil. The company is based in Hong Kong, which means that there are no major concerns about data retention, plus there are no activity logs kept. The client is easy to use, they have servers in Brazil (Sao Paulo) and Argentina and overall, the speed of their service is fantastic.


his is another solid option for users in Brazil and since they manage their own network of servers, IPVanish can provide remarkable speeds and reliable service. They have servers in Sao Paulo and also in Argentina. In terms of security, you can have peace of mind with the military level of encryption that IPVanish offers for your data. There are over 4,000 IP addresses available and the prices of their plans are quite affordable.


This provider from Panama regularly makes it to the list of the most convenient VPN services for different requirements. That is thanks to a solid privacy policy, outstanding security options and high technology. They don’t keep logs of your online activity and you can enjoy access to servers in multiple locations across the world, including Brazil.

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