Best VPNs for Businesses

Large companies have used VPNs for years, but small/medium businesses can also benefit from this technology. Although in most cases, businesses have implemented VPNs in order to allow employees to access the corporate network from a different location, using a external VPN service has also become important. It is possible to find good quality VPN options that would suit not only small companies, but also large households where many people need to protect their connection for a convenient price. Before going through the list of the best VPNs for business, here are some of the advantages of using a VPN service in your business/home office:

  • Enhanced protection for your system, which is particularly important when it comes to business communications.
  • A VPN solution designed for business gives you the possibility of managing the VPN more effectively than if each employee was using an individual account.
  • It allows access to internal and external platforms across the world, even if you are using a mobile platform.
  • You can manage social media accounts with different IPs without experiencing issues caused for making continuous requests from the same IP.
  • You will be able to confirm if tools and applications that are targeted for a specific location, work correctly.
  • A VPN is also a practical solution for SEO as you can improve the way in which results based on location and SEO bids are managed.
  • You can also access content that is blocked in your country or that is only available in a specific location.
  • With a VPN, you can even keep an eye on your competitor’s websites and applications without them being aware.


Golden Frog is an online services provider that operates globally and it is recognized for its commitment to online freedom and the vast experience of its team. While their business solution only supports a yearly plan, there is such a wide range of practical features that it is worth considering an extended subscription. The high quality software offered by VyprVPN is smart and user-friendly.

You can get your own dedicated account management page where you can easily manage users. It is possible to design an employee as user or admin and each user will be able to connect using one desktop and one mobile device simultaneously. All the main protocols are supported on all devices and the account management functionality is included.

With VyprVPN, you only need to pay for the number of employees supported, unlike other options that only support “up to” a determined number of users. Overall, VyprVPN offers an excellent solution for business and you can enjoy their exclusive Chameleon technology, as well as reliable, secure and fast connections.


GoTrusted may not be a practical option for individual users since it doesn’t offer dedicated software and keep logs. The company is open and clear about their privacy policy and it is unlikely that companies have any concern because after all, they wouldn’t be using P2P for copyrighted material. Online accounts management is available for business accounts and one mobile and one desktop connection are allowed for each user. In addition, you can enjoy free disposable email addresses and excellent customer support.

This provider may be a good option for larger companies that need to cut down costs since they offer affordable prices. Their plans start at $450 per months for 100 users and they provide dedicated assistance via emails, notifications and response pages. Furthermore, they will offer you the possibility of having your own dedicated servers. In spite of the lack of software, GoTrusted is a practical and efficient VPN solution for businesses.

Hide My Ass

Hide My Ass is one of the most popular names in the industry and it is not only due to its unique image and marketing. They offer an extensive selection of server locations, as well as many practical features to enhance security and avoid blocks. The fact that they are based in the UK may cause concern due to the strict data retention laws and the surveillance issues in the country. However, HMA, as it is commonly known, has implemented advanced technology that aims to help users to secure their connection.

The free service and the additional features offered, show that the provider is focused on offering good privacy tools. Their software is impressive, compatible with the most important platforms and it offers great functionality. Another highlight of HMA is its helpful and professional customer service. The business solution is not too different from the standard VPN, but it comes with dedicated assistance and additional simultaneous connections for a very competitive price.


With ibVPN you can enjoy highly skilled customer support and a service that works really well. Although their business accounts are some of the most expensive ones in the market, the quality of the service makes it worth considering. Business users can access a great set of features, including ibDNS, which is a practical option when you need to spoof your location but don’t need to encrypt the data. This makes the connection faster. P2P filesharing is also enabled so you can transmit important company documents and other files easily.


The main advantage of SwitchVPN is that it is easy to use and it offers a very affordable solution for companies that have to stick to a tight budget. The downside is that the customer support is not as responsive and fast as it should be. However, business users can contact them via Skype and it is possible to get a dedicated account manager. It is a simple solution that provides a decent level of protection.

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