Best VPN for BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is a popular application to access content from the prestigious British Broadcasting Corporation. It gives users the possibility of watching legendary TV shows like Doctor Who and Top Gear, as well as special documentaries and mini-series that are recognized for their outstanding production quality. People living in the UK can easily access this service, but unfortunately for British expats and international TV fans, the content from the BBC iPlayer is restricted.

VPNs have been a practical solution for people who wishes to enjoy their favorite BBC shows, even if they are not living in the UK. The security and versatility of these services have allowed many users to watch and discover some of the best TV productions without having to put up with restrictions imposed based on their location. The bad news is that in October 2015, the BBC started to block many VPN services and as a result, many users are unable to access not only the iPlayer but also the website and other BBC apps.

Although the BBC is taking strict measures to prevent users from outside the UK to access content through their online player, there are still options that work for anyone who wants to enjoy the TV shows they produce. The BBC blocks this access based on the fact that the content is paid by those who pay a UK licence fee. However, many of the users who want to watch the content from abroad are expats or British citizens who are on holidays and don’t want to miss their favorite TV series.

Additionally, we live in a time in which people want access to global content without blockades. This is why many will still rely on VPNs to bypass these restrictions. The problem for the BBC is that if people can access the BBC iPlayer from outside the UK, the company is less likely to be able to sell content to international TV channels so in the end it is all about their monetary interests. In spite of the action taken by the BBC to tackle the use of VPNs to watch content on the iPlayer, in this list you will find the options that are more likely to continue working well, no matter where in the world you are located.


Based in Italy and created by online freedom activists, AirVPN is focused on offering a VPN solution that is secure, easy to use and fast. Their no-logs policy shows their strong commitment to privacy and their selection of servers ensures that customers from all over the world can protect their online traffic and enjoy international content. One of the benefits of choosing AirVPN is that they offer open access to stats about their servers and allow users to check the status of their infrastructure. They offer top encryption levels and features that will please those who are primarily concerned with privacy. In the UK, they have servers in locations like Manchester, London and Maidenhead and are one of the providers that would be able to support access to services like BBC iPlayer.


This is one of the most popular VPN services available and it is easy to understand why. IPVanish is a Tier 1 provider, meaning that it can offer optimal performance and speed across its network. Their service is easy to use and offers advanced technology that will allow you to overcome blocks in order to watch your favorite content without hassle. Their VPN client offers great quality and they support high levels of encryption. They have an extensive selection of servers in the UK in locations like Liverpool, Nottingham, Manchester and London.


IbVPN aims to keep the privacy and security of its users protected, while offering a fast service that can be used for gaming and streaming. Their VPN service is highly secure and affordable and they offer a variety of plans that support different technologies like Proxy and SmartDNS. IbVPN offers a solution that is easy to use and would suit people who are only getting started in the world of VPNs. They have servers in over 40 countries, including UK and their clear no-logs policy will bring peace of mind to privacy conscious users. Their customer support is excellent as well and you can expect professional and helpful responses.


TorGuard is another VPN provider that has managed to find a fix that allows users to continue watching content from the BBC iPlayer. They have unique stealth servers that allow users to avoid Deep Packet Inspection firewalls. TorGuard offers Viscosity software as part of their plans and their strong encryption will ensure that your information remains safe when you are online. They have thousands of servers in different global locations that include the UK and other 50 countries. TorGuard aims to offer security and flexibility to ensure that you can access the content that you want without censorship or geo-location restrictions.


Based in Hungary, Buffered is a provider that offers an effective solution to protect your privacy and access content, even if it is not available in your region. Their service is fast, secure and provides high technology to bypass any blocks that prevent you from watching your favorite shows. At the moment, they have servers in 33 countries, including the UK, of course and it is possible to enjoy up to five simultaneous connections.

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