Best VPN for China

In China, Internet is subject to strict censorship that prevents users from accessing websites and services that are taken for granted in other countries. VPNs offer a practical solution to unlock content, but the problem is that the Chinese government has also taken a though approach towards these services. Not only they have blocked many VPN websites, but they have also managed to block ports and affect speeds in order to render these services practically unusable. The attacks on protocols like OpenVPN have complicated things further. This means that anyone who wants to bypass the restrictions imposed over internet in China, will have a difficult time trying to find a VPN that works for them.

While the task is challenging, it is not impossible to get access to websites and content blocked in China with the help of a VPN. There are still services that work in China thanks to the advanced technology that they have implemented and that allows them to maintain their performance and security. The use of protocols like L2TP and PPTP, as well as secure options like SSTP and IKEV also seems to provide an effective alternative when OpenVPN is not available.

The Great Firewall of China or GFW has reinforced censorship on internet, ensuring that people are not able to access information freely. VPNs have become a threat for this policy and as a result, many services can’t provide support for users in China. One of the resources that can be used to check if a website is blocked in China is WebSitePulse but here you’ll find the list of some of the VPN services that are currently available in China. These providers can help you to enjoy the freedom to access information and services without restrictions.

Golden Frog’s VyprVPN is one of the most reliable VPN solutions for users in China. Their Chameleon protocol is a great example of the high level of technology that VyprVPN uses to enable online freedom. It conceals VPN traffic effectively making it practically undetectable, which allows you to defeat restrictions and get access to the content you want. Chameleon can prevent Deep Packet Inspection, throttling and VPN blocking. Another advantage of VyprVPN is that it also offers encrypted cloud storage though Golden Frog’s Dump Truck service. There are servers available in over 50 countries and solid speed to ensure that you can enjoy versatility and security.


Internet users in China can also rely on PureVPN to unblock websites and services that have been targeted by the censorship imposed by the government. The StealthVPN protocol is a solution that will allow Windows users to get access to content that has been banned in China. If you access internet on you Android or iOS device you can use IKEv2, a protocol that is also known for being effective to bypass online restrictions. PureVPN gives you the possibility of using the service on up to 5 devices at the same time. There are more than 141 countries supported and the prices of their plans are very affordable.
ExpressVPN is known for the speed and quality of its service. Thanks to the advanced technology that it supports, ExpressVPN is one of the services that can still be used in China. Their stealth protocol ensures that the use of VPN is not detected, while ensuring that the speed and reliability of the service remain unaffected. There are servers in over 78 countries, including Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong, which would be convenient options for customers in China. ExpressVPN is easy to use and works and effective solution to bypass online censorship.
TorGuard has earned recognition as a trustworthy provider that is committed to maintain the privacy of their customers’ internet connection. It has also become an effective option for anyone who wants to use P2P services. TorGuard is a solid tool to overcome online censorship in China and to protect your anonymity. They don’t keep logs of your online traffic, which means that you can communicate, browse internet and access applications without concerns over your privacy. TorGuard’s obfsproxy technology for OpenVPN, disguises all your traffic as regular HTTP protocol data, which ensures that it is note detected. With TorGuard, you can enjoy speed, great performance and a high level of protection for your privacy.
This Romanian provider is another strong solution to unblock content while keeping your information secure and private. It offers a high level of encryption, good speed and a convenient service that is easy to use. They have servers in Hong Kong, Singapore and the US West Coast with peering with China Unicorn and China Telecom. Furthermore, they have a “Secureproxy” extension for Chrome that is very effective in China and they recently launched Obfuscation for OpenVPN. Obfuscation makes OpenVPN look like regular SSL traffic which means that Firewalls won’t be able to detect it or block it easily. Since data retention laws were declared unconstitutional in Romania, can ensure that your privacy and anonymity are safe.

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