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VPN for GermanyGermany has taken a strong stand against the mass surveillance carried out by the NSA and the government has supported EU Data Protection Resolutions aimed at providing greater protection from this type of monitoring. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that they are not involved in online surveillance themselves. In fact, Germany’s own organization, the BND has worked along the NSA in surveillance operations and Data Retention laws were introduced in 2008. That hasn’t stopped German citizens from voicing their rejection to the mass spying programs and in 2010, they managed to overturn Germany’s participation in the EU Data Retention Directive through a class action lawsuit that deemed it unconstitutional.

It is also worth noting that since Germany signed the multinational Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) with the US in 2011,. there are strict copyright laws in place and anyone who is found to be downloading copyrighted material illegally, would face hefty fines. Once your IP is logged, it can be shared and infringement notices would be handed over and in some cases, criminal charges may be pressed. Under these circumstances, it is not difficult to see why it is important to use a good VPN in Germany. Apart from offering security for your sensitive data and enhancing your privacy, a VPN can also allow you to access content that is only available in other countries. To help you choose a service that allows you to keep your information private, while you browse, stream or download content,

Below we have listed some of the best VPNs for Germany.


This provider is one of the most convenient solutions for customers in Germany, thanks to its great selection of features, fast speeds and extensive global coverage of its network. They can offer faster routes across their servers, which in many cases results in better speed than you would get if you were not using a VPN. The HDX Dedicated Streaming additional option, which is available for $5 per month, is an option worth considering as it offers a unique browser with a virtually cloud hosted Windows 7 with up to 200 Mbps of bandwidth speed. With this optional feature, you can stream content with reduced buffering time. PureVPN has over 40 servers in Germany, in locations like Munich and Berlin.

Private Internet Access

While PIA has presence in only 24 countries, the large number of severs and their strategical location, ensures that users can enjoy an effective and fast service, no matter where they are connecting from. In Germany, PIA has over 60 severs so customers can find an option that suits their needs. The solid privacy policy, competitive prices and simplicity that PIA offers, have helped it to become one of the most popular and trusted providers in the industry. P2P is allowed and you can connect up to 5 devices at a time. NAT firewall protection is included without additional cost. With Private Internet Access, you can enjoy strong encryption, good speeds and advanced technology for a convenient price.


Golden Frog’s VyprVPN has over 700 servers worldwide and in Germany, they have presence in Frankfurt and provide good speeds to support tasks like streaming and gaming. Their software is advanced, but user-friendly and it is compatible with the most popular platforms. The global coverage includes servers in almost 50 countries and you can enjoy security and versatility with top protocols and their exclusive Chameleon technology. This proprietary encryption solution ensures that no one can detect that a VPN is used and it provides a high level of protection for your privacy and anonymity, The service is efficient, easy to use and includes options like NAT firewall protection. VyprVPN also features their own zero logging DNS solution.


IPVanish continues growing and offering one of the most reliable services available nowadays. They offer incredibly fast routes that ensure that you get optimal results for gaming and streaming, while keeping your traffic encrypted. There are almost 30 servers available in Germany and they are located in Frankfurt and Dresden. The company also has great coverage in other European countries and a vast selection of options in the United States, if you want to access content that is only available in that country, The software is easy to install and its simplicity will help new users to get used to VPN technology without any complications.


Operating from Romania and Germany, CyberGhost is another option that will allow users to enjoy security and freedom to access the content that they want. Their innovative technology has helped them to earn a high place in the industry and thanks to their professional customer support, unique image and commitment to offer security, many users have chosen them as their VPN solution. They have servers in over 30 countries and they are constantly expanding their service. In Germany, you can avail of over 80 servers.

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