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honk kongWhile internet users in Hong Kong are not subject to strict censorship and in general it can be said that freedom of speech is not under serious threat, there are still good reasons to consider using a VPN. The fact is that online surveillance is applied all over the world and although in Hong Kong, bloggers and political activists can express their opinion, that doesn’t mean that they are not under the watchful eye of government organizations. It is also important to keep in mind that online security is at risk, no matter where you are. Anyone can be targeted by malicious attackers, which is why protecting your online connection should be a priority. A VPN can help you to keep your identity and your online privacy protected.

Additionally, this technology gives you the possibility of unlocking websites and services that are not available in Hong Kong. The best content from popular applications like Netflix, Hulu and the BBC iPlayer can be easily accessed with the help of a VPN. Since you can change your location when needed, a VPN will allow you to enjoy a more versatile experience while you browse internet and stream media. For expats living in Hong Kong, a VPN is an ideal option to defeat geo-locations in order to watch the TV shows that they miss they most.

Users in Hong Kong shouldn’t have issues finding a good VPN solution since many popular providers have servers located there. Furthermore, some of the most recognized names in the industry are based in Hong Kong. This means that if you are in Hong Kong, you will be able to enjoy a high level of security with minimal drop in speed. If you are outside Hong Kong and need to access information that is hosted there, a VPN that supports this location would be your best option. The providers in this list offer a good selection of features and solid performance. Here are the top VPNs for Hong Kong.

PureVPN is one of the most popular options in the industry and the fact that they are based in Hong Kong, has earned them a top spot in the list. The convenient prices of their plans, the consistently good quality of the service and the impressive network of severs in more than 140 countries, means that PureVPN offers great value for money. P2P is supported and there are software clients for all major platforms. PureVPN allows users to enjoy incredible speed and there is also a good selection of advanced features available. You can connect up to five devise using a single account.
With a combination of practical features and a wide variety of locations supported around the world, this Hong Kong based provider is another good option to select. They have servers on over 35 countries and P2P enabled servers are included in their network. While they don’t have software clients, there are tutorials to set up the service using OpenVPN. IronSocket has a clear privacy policy, satisfactory speeds and the plans are conveniently priced. You can use up to three devices with a single account.
Private Internet Access
PIA is a well-established solution that offers great compatibility and a solid network with thousands of servers in 21 countries, including Hong Kong. You can easily enjoy content from the United States thanks to the servers located in California. PIA is known as an effective, affordable and fast solution that allows you to connect up to five devices at the same time.
Apart from offering excellent speeds, ExpressVPN offers reliability and high quality software clients for popular platforms like Windows, Android, iOS and Mac. The service works in a wide variety of devices and you can use multiple connections simultaneously. There are servers in 78 countries, including of course, Hong Kong as well as other locations in Asia. P2P is supported and if you need to access US content, you can connect to servers in the West Coast.
Speed is one of the reasons to choose IPVanish and since they have over 180 servers in 60 countries, you can expect a versatile browsing and streaming experience. Since they own and manage their own network, they have complete control over the performance of their servers, making them a reliable solution. Their servers in Hong Kong and other countries in Asia offer great speed. The software is easy to install and to use and it supports all major platforms. Two connections are supported on a single account.
HideMyAss has built a strong reputation as a fast, complete and top quality solution to keep your connection secure and to unlock the content that you want to watch, no matter where you live. Their global coverage is unbeatable and of course, one of the 190 countries supported is Hong Kong. The software clients are easy to use and the service is packed with useful features to bypass geo-locations restrictions. You can connect two devices using one account.
VyprVPN has developed its own technology to bypass restrictions and provide security and online freedom. Their Chameleon protocol is an impressive solution that makes VyprVPN stand out thanks to its good performance and flexibility. Additionally, VyprVPN includes Dump Truck, a cloud storage service to keep your data secure and accessible. They have servers in nearly 50 countries and thanks to their advanced tools, you can expect great speeds. Multiple connections are supported on the Pro/Premium paid plans.

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