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Business and technology have achieved an important place in India and many recognized companies have presence there. However, there are many services and content that can’t be accessed from India and while online censorship is not as strict as what other countries in the region face, there are some restrictions applied. In order to unlock international content or bypass ISP or government regulations, users in India can rely on a VPN. This technology can enhance the security of your online browsing and help you to protect your privacy by encrypting your data and disguising your IP address. Encryption ensures that even if there are eavesdroppers trying to access details of what you do online, your data will remain safe as they will not be able to understand it.

Using a VPN offers many advantages including the possibility of bypassing censorship filters and geo-locations restrictions. This means that you will not have to deal with messages advising that you can’t watch certain video in YouTube or that a website is not allowed in your location. Additionally, some providers can support better speeds as they redirect your traffic through routes that are more efficient than the ones used by your ISP. This means that if you want to play games, watch videos or access websites in the UK, US or any other country, while you are located in India, a VPN will ensure that you can access that content without issues. The below VPN providers are some of the most convenient options for users in India.

PureVPN (Read Our Purevpn Review)
Great speed and performance are two of the main advantages of choosing PureVPN as your VPN provider, They don’t only provide a service that is very easy to use, but can also help you to maintain your information secure with a high level of encryption to keep your data unreadable. This Hong Kong-based provider, allows you to switch between servers without any hassle and supports features like split tunnelling. This is a practical solution that enables you to connect to a secure server to access specific websites while using your local connection for other applications like online banking. PureVPN has servers in over 140 countries and their servers in India are located in Delhi.

Private Internet Access (Read Our Privateinternetaccess Review)
With the help of PIA’s efficient VPN solution, customers in India can avoid censorship filters and access services that are only available outside India.This company can support good speeds for tasks like gaming and streaming and thanks to its high level of encryption and features like DNS leak protection, you can enjoy protection for your privacy. The fact that you can pay using Bitcoin means that you can keep your anonymity intact. At the moment, they have 10 servers in India and the rest of their servers are distributed in other 23 countries covering strategical geographical points. PIA offers good value for money since you can connect up to five devices at the same time and P2P is allowed.

VyprVPN (Read Our VyprVPN Review)
Innovation and exclusive technology are some of the highlights of Golden Frog’s VyprVPN. This secure VPN service offers a high level of security and allows you to bypass restrictions seamlessly in order to access the content that you want. Their features are designed to help you to evade censorship, firewalls and geo-location restrictions. They have strong presence in Asia and their servers in India are located in Mumbai. When you connect to internet through VyprVPN, your ISP and online surveillance agencies or other parties,m would only see encrypted traffic. The service is P2P friendly and the services provides great speeds and NAT firewall for enhanced security.

ExpressVPN (Read Our ExpressVPN Review)
Users in India who wish to access global content can benefit from a VPN, but the same goes for Indian expats who want to get access to be able to watch sport events or TV programs from their native country. ExpressVPN is another top VPN choice for India and they have servers in other countries in Asia, that would also be convenient in this case. Their solid network of servers, their remarkable speeds and their professional customer support have earned them the trust of many customers in India and around the world. While their prices are higher than what you can get from other providers, they offer a convenient 30 day money-back guarantee, in case the service doesn’t work for you.

IPVanish (Read Our IPVanish Review)
IPVanish has earned a top place in the VPN industry due to the reliability and security of its service. Managing their own network allows them to have greater control over the speed and performance of the VPN service. IPVanish has a good selection of servers, including options in the following locations in India: New Delhi, Mumbai and Indore. Ping speeds are fast and the fast results that their service can provide, make IPVanish a good choice for streaming. The software is easy to use and the prices are very competitive, even though they allow just thee simultaneous connections, while others can support up to five.

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