Best VPN for Japan

VPN services are very popular in Japan and many of the best providers have servers there. As a result, users who are looking for options to secure their online data and enjoy browsing without restrictions, will find a good list of options to choose from. Thanks to a VPN service, internet users in Japan will have the possibility of accessing websites and applications that are only available in countries like the US and the UK. Since privacy is a concern for people all over the world, getting a VPN in Japan is also worth considering because it will ensure that your traffic is encrypted. If you are looking to download content, this technology is a must-have because it will help you to avoid any censorship or laws that prevent you from using Torrent services. After all, Japan was a strong supporter of the controversial ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement), which aims to establish international standards for fighting against online piracy. Furthermore, it is believed that the entertainment industry in Japan pressures ISPs to monitor their customer’s online traffic for possible copyright infringement concerns.

It is estimated that over 80% of the population in Japan has access to internet and the advanced technology and top level devices manufactured there, facilitate this high percentage. While freedom of speech in Japan is not affected on the same level as in other countries, anonymity means a lot to those who want to express their opinion without fearing any type of censorship or legal consequences. There are different factors to consider when looking for the best VPN provider in Japan and anywhere else, for that matter. Speed, affordability, list of servers and bandwidth are some of the aspects that you need to keep in mind. Internet in Japan can reach impressive speeds but to get the best possible results, you would need to make sure that the VPN that you opt for doesn’t have a considerable impact on your connection.

Here are the most complete VPN solutions for Japan.


PureVPN is a regular in the lists of the best VPN solutions available for different countries and purposes and it is easy to understand why. Based in Hong Kong, this provider is known for its reliable and effective service that gives customers the chance to bypass blocks and enjoy true online freedom. They don’t keep logs of your online activity, meaning that your privacy is not invaded. PureVPN can support great speeds and they have fast servers in Japan and in over 20 other countries in Asia. Additionally, it is one of the most conveniently priced services available.


In order to protect your connection from eavesdroppers and enjoy an anonymous internet experience, you can rely on IPVanish, a well-established provider that is committed to offering an effective VPN solution. They offer over 40,000 IPs and more than 400 servers across the world. In Japan, they have servers in Tokyo and there is also a good selection of options in other locations in Asia. The customer service is one of the strongest points of this provider as you can get has responses and highly skilled help. Additionally, the effective routing speeds ensure that you get great results while streaming content.


If you are looking for excellent speeds, ExpressVPN is a great option because it is recognized as one of the fastest services in the industry. When you choose ExpressVPN, you can enjoy reliability and high quality software clients for popular platforms such as Windows and Mac. They have coverage in almost 80 countries with a strong presence in Asia Pacific in locations like Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea. ExpressVPn applied a strong level of encryption to ensure that your data is safe. If you are mainly interested in streaming and gaming, you can choose their SmartDNS for even better speeds.


VyprVPN is the VPN solution from Golden Frog, a company with a solid experience in internet services. Their extensive network of servers covers almost 50 countries including of course, Japan and since they have servers in the West Coast of the United States, customers in Japan can get great speeds when they access services like Hulu or Pandora. Their unlimited server switching, bandwidth without restrictions and unique Chameleon technology to avoid firewalls, are some of the features that make VyprVPN one of the most convenient solutions for customers in Japan.


HMA is a legendary name in the industry thanks to its innovative marketing and the impressive network of servers that covers over 190 countries. No matter where you are connecting from or what service you are trying to access, you will find a server that suits your needs. The software offers good compatibility and quality. It also very easy to use and it includes all the features that you need to keep your data private and to bypass geo-location restrictions or censorship. The level of encryption applied is strong enough to protect your traffic from prying eyes and P2P download is allowed.

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