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Apple has leaded change and innovation in the world of technology and it has earned a privileged place in the consumer electronics, online services and software industry. While the company is recognized for the high quality of their products, it hasn’t been able to beat tough competitors like Windows and Android, which are still enjoying huge popularity among users thanks to their affordability and flexibility. Still, Apple has a strong hold on the market and the devices created by this legendary brand, have revolutionized the way in which we communicate and enjoy entertainment. Their desktop platform Mac OS X is favored by many users who rely on its advanced and sleek interface.

Since many people have Mac computers, it is no wonder why VPN providers make sure to include support for Apple’s operating system. After all, Apple users are likely to seek for the latest in technology and in options to ensure that their data is protected when they connect to internet. It is possible to find software especially designed to work with Apple’s Mac OS X and many of these solutions offer seamless performance. Although many people believe that Mac OS X is the most reliable option in terms of security, the reality is that it is as vulnerable to attacks as other platforms. Here you will find VPNs that offer a high level of protection on OS X.


While the network of servers supported by ExpressVPN is not as extensive as what other providers feature, it offers advanced technology and good speeds. There are servers in nearly 80 countries, including some of the most sought after locations like the US and the UK. ExpressVPN has the expertise and means to ensure that customers can enjoy efficient load times and reliability to enjoy a diversity of online tasks. The service is pretty straightforward, even if the features are basic when compared to other the list available with other providers. However, that can be an advantage as new users will not feel overwhelmed with functions that they rarely use or that are too complicated for what they want. One of the most useful options included is Smart DNS, which is ideal for applications that require fast performance The website offers practical set up guides and the VPN client for Mac OX S provides the same functionality and high quality of their Windows version. The interface is smart and user-friendly and you can easily find the best servers to connect to according to your location and requirements.

When you use VyprVPN, the experience and high technology that Golden Frog (the company behind this service) stand for, are evident in every aspect of the service. You can get impressive speeds and top level encryption to guarantee that your online data is not intercepted by malicious users, your ISP or government organizations. There are hundreds of servers available and their exclusive Chameleon technology is designed to offer a truly versatile experience. Chameleon can mask your online traffic to help you to avoid blocks as the fact that you are using a VPN will not be recognized. Mac users can enjoy a well designed software and the same features that are available for those who have Windows. The interface is clear, easy to use and works really well so even if you have never used a VPN before, you’ll be able to manage the service like an expert. You can connect with just one click and the most common functions like switching between servers are also controlled with a single click.


The first thing that you will notice about HideMyAss is its unique image, that has earned great popularity in the VPN industry.The fact that they offer a convenient free proxy service, has secured a solid fan base for this UK based company. Many people use the free proxy as a quick option to unlock websites that are not available in their location. The paid VPN service has also become a great option for anyone who wants to access websites and enjoy the best applications without restrictions. They have servers in 190 countries, which puts them at the top of the list when it flexibility to browse or stream content from anywhere in the world. There are thousands of IPs to chose from so you can effectively cover your trace when you are online. The Secured IP Binding feature assigns IP addresses dynamically during a session to provide top security at all times. Unfortunately, HMA’s reliability as a privacy protection solution has been compromised in the past following their involvement in the Lulzsec crackdown by government agencies. However, the company has taken steps to regain the trust of customers who want to keep their privacy intact and their Mac OS X solution provides remarkable performance and ease of use.

Private Internet Access

PIA is a provider with a strong commitment to protect your online security and your privacy while giving you the possibility to access internet with freedom. It has servers strategically located in over 20 countries across the world and it includes a list of features that will keep your information safe from online eavesdroppers. Another good point for PIA is that it supports good speeds that will allow you to enjoy streaming and gaming without hassle. Their VPN service is convenient, easy to install and to use and you can customize the options to match your needs in terms of speed and security. Mac OS X users can rely on Private Internet Access to enjoy a flexible experience and a set up process that is simple and that only tales a few steps. Additionally, PIA offers conveniently priced plans that will appeal to anyone looking for an affordable solution.

Why use the best VPN for Mac

VPN services are a powerful tool to defend your online privacy and to ensure that you can enjoy your favorite media. Users from around the world take advantage on the flexibility that a VPN offers, as this technology allows them to overcome geo-location restrictions in order to access websites and the best content from streaming applications. If you are constantly travelling, a VPN is a must-have as it will keep your data secure on the go and at the same time, it will let you watch your preferred TV shows or visit websites from home, even if they are blocked in the country you are visiting. Even if you have to use public Wi-Fi regularly, you can keep your connection safeguarded against eavesdroppers with the help of a VPN.

Thanks to the innovative features supported by OS X and the fantastic design that Apple offers in its computers and laptops, many users have opted for a Mac. While OS X is designed with innovation in mind, there are some concerns surrounding the security of the operating system, particularly when it comes to the latest version known as El Capitan. Some vulnerabilities have been exposed and as a result, many users are considering using a VPN in order to avoid becoming a target of online surveillance and malicious attacks. Keeping your data private and your anonymity intact when you are connected to internet can be challenging. However, a VPN provides the functionality needed to protect your data and to enjoy a versatile internet experience. Before choosing the best VPNs for Mac OS X, there are some aspects that you need to consider.

Features to look for in a VPN for Mac

Although in general, your connection will tend to slowdown when you use a VPN, the best services are capable of minimizing the impact as they are supported by high quality servers. The reason why VPNs affect the speed of your internet connection, is that they apply encryption. While for many users the main purpose of using a VPN is to protect their data with top grade security, enjoying a fast service is also important. There are providers that manage their own network of servers and have greater control over their speed and performance.

The leading VPN providers support multiple devices simultaneously. This is very convenient because it means that you can connect securely to internet from your Mac, but also from your iPhone, iPad, PC or Android devices. The best VPNs offer great compatibility so you can enjoy protection across different platforms. Another aspect to keep in mind before getting a VPN is the selection of servers. For instance, if you need to access content that is only available in the US, make sure that the VPN service gas servers in that country. Having multiple servers and a wide variety of locations will give you greater flexibility for browsing, streaming and downloading online content.

How to Setup VPN on Mac – PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, Cisco IPSec

Mac OS X has built-in support for widely used VPN protocols. You can set up VPN on your Mac using OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and Cisco IPSec. You will need to enter configiration settings in Network Preferences to connect with a VPN. Before configuring a VPN connection, you will need the following: Account login details (username and password), VPN Server IP Address or fully qualified domain name (FQDN) and preferred connection type.

Generally, this information would be sent by email once you register for an account with a VPN provider. By default, Mac OS X supports PPTP, L2TP/IPSec or Cisco IPSec. If you wish to connect via OpenVPN (which is considered as the safest option), a third party app will be required. The top VPN providers offer software clients specifically designed for Mac OS X, which makes the set up simple and fast as the required settings are imported automatically. If you need to set up the VPN manually, you can follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Menu, then to System Preferences and then click on Network.
  2. Click Add + at the bottom of network connection services list and then choose VPN from the interface menu.
  3. Choose the protocol that you prefer (PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, Cisco IPSec) and select a name for the VPN setup.
  4. Enter VPN Server Address and Account Name for your VPN connection.
  5. In Authentication Settings, enter the login credentials (username and password) provided by your provider. Select OK and click Connect to complete the configuration process.
  6. Select The Show VPN Status in Menu Bar option. You can connect directly to VPN from the VPN status icon.
  7. To remove VPN from Network Connection, select the specific VPN and click Delete “-” option.

How to Setup VPN on Mac using OpenVPN

While OpenVPN is not supported by default on Mac OS X, it is possible to connect using this protocol with the help of third party apps. You can download Tunnelblick, which is an open source application recommended on the official OpenVPN website. Once TunnelBlick is installed, launch the client. You will be asked for requisite configuration files of .ovpn file extension. This information is essential in order to connect with any OpenVPN client. You can get these files from your VPN provider. If you want to configure any different type of VPN network, you will need to get different third-party VPN client that is suitable for that particular network.


While Mac stands out for advanced technology and innovation, the risk of having your data compromised is still present and users need to consider using a VPN to protect their privacy. One of the weaknesses that have been identified is related to Apple’s keychain application, which keeps your passwords and sensitive data secure, yet easy to access. If someone manages to target the weakness in this security system, your data can be exposed. However, with the help of a VPN, you can minimize the danger and encrypt your traffic to prevent security issues and online surveillance. A VPN has the added benefit of giving you the possibility of bypassing geo-location restrictions and censorship filters.

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