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Netflix has taken over the world of home entertainment thanks to the great selection of content that it offers for its subscribers. Millions around the world have opted for Netflix as their source for TV series, movies and documentaries. This online streaming service allows you to access an extensive library of content that includes exclusive productions that have become hugely popular such as House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and more recently, Making a Murderer. Netflix is available in a large list of countries across the world and it continues expanding its coverage. However, the content available is not the same for all customers due to license agreements with film and television studios.

Based on these license agreements, Netflix places geographical restrictions on the content provided. While users in the US have access to a wide variety of TV series and movies, other countries (particularly the smaller markets) have a limited selection of options. Furthermore, there are many people who would love to use Netflix but cant subscribe because the popular streaming solution is not available in their location. Proxies and VPNs have become the best allies for users who want to bypass geographical blocks in order to access their preferred content. The problem is that Netflix has taken steps to block VPN services and a number of providers have been affected.

In order to prevent these blocks, many providers have implemented technology that enables them to avoid the restrictions imposed by Netflix. SmartDNS services have also worked to ensure that their customers can defeat geo blocks effectively, no matter where they are. Apart from being able to unlock the content that you want without hassle, with a VPN you wont have to worry about bandwidth throttling from your ISP when you are streaming media. A VPN masks your online traffic so your ISP wont see what websites and services you access so you wont have to deal with the speed caps they impose. The providers in this list are ideal for streaming services like Netflix because they support satisfactory speeds and have a great selection of servers.


Streaming requires speed and flexibility and since VyprVPN has their own Chameleon technology and a fast network with servers in over 50 countries, they are another good option to consider. Since Netflix is targeting VPNs to prevent users from accessing content outside their region, it is important to use a service that can bypass these blocks. Chameleon is designed to mask your VPN traffic to avoid detection so it offers a solution that can effectively give you access to the content you prefer. You can rely on VyprVPN to keep your streaming experience versatile and secure. VyprVPN uses advanced technology and consistent speeds.


The fast and secure service offered by ExpressVPN make this provider a convenient solution to enjoy the best content from Netflix, no matter where you are. The high level of encryption and the top quality of the software are other reasons to choose this reliable provider. While ExpressVPN is more expensive than other VPN services available, you can trust the good performance and wide compatibility that this provider offers. ExpressVPN can give you access to content that is blocked in your country and the SmartDNS included is an effective solution for streaming. They are so confident about their complete solution that there is a 30-day money back guarantee. ExpressVPN has servers in almost 80 countries across the world.


With IPVanish you can also enjoy an effective and fast service that will allow you to get the most out of Netflix. This tier-1 provider is known for offering a software that is well-designed, easy to use and clear Their network is constantly growing and you will get great results for high definition streaming in different locations. They provide a reliable service and the extensive experience of their team will ensure that you get top assistance whenever needed. They allow two simultaneous connections and since they manage their infrastructure, they have a hands on approach to guarantee the best level of security and the best speeds. The pricing of their plans is also very convenient.


PureVPN has earned a spot in the list of the best VPN solutions for Netflix due to its practical selection of features that ensure that your connection is secure while you stream content seamlessly. Options like split tunnelling, Internet Kill Switch and NAT firewall can make your online experience more flexible and safe. They also have an impressive add-on known as HDX streaming, which is designed to improve the speed and overall performance of the service when you are watching content online. PureVPN also offers great value for money and with hundreds of servers across 141 countries, you are set to find an option that is right for you.


Right from the start, AirVPN has been committed to offers users the possibility to defend your right to privacy and freedom to access the content you want. They stand out for their user-friendly interface and advanced technology that keeps your online traffic secure. AirVPN applies high level encryption without sacrificing speed so you can enjoy streaming without hassle. They provide detailed stats to show the status of their servers, availability and speeds. The solid privacy policy of this Italy-based provider and the fact that it is a solution created and supported by activists and online freedom advocates are other advantages of choosing AirVPN.

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