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Freedom and the right to privacy are hold dear in Spain and people there react strongly whenever they feel that these values are under threat. However, internet users in Spain have dealt with regulations that compromise their freedom to enjoy online content without limits. Pressured by the United States, the Spanish government introduced strict measures in 2011, which aimed to fight online piracy. While the Sinde-Wert act was firmly opposed by online freedom activists, the media and the general public, it was eventually approved on February 2011 and it came into force on March 2012. The law dictates that any website hosted in Spain that may be in violation of copyright, could be shut down while access to websites hosted abroad would be restricted. Under the Sinde-Wert (often known simply as Sinde law), an independent commission is in charge of deciding whether a website is illegal or not. The main concern is that this commission is mainly controlled by copyright holders, which means that its not exactly impartial.

Additionally, the law enables copyright holders to look for ways to identify and pursue those who are believed to be involved in copyright infringement, which has also caused concern among privacy advocates. In spite of this law, users in Spain aim to enjoy internet without fear and many are relying in VPNs to achieve this purpose. Another reason why a VPN is a must-have service for those who want to access content freely is that this technology enables you to bypass geo-location restrictions in order to stream content from services like Hulu, BBC iPlayer or the US version of Netflix. In order to ensure that your privacy is protected and that you can unlock all the content you want, you can opt for a VPN and these are the best solutions available for users in Spain.


Apart from offering solid performance thanks to the fact that they manage their own network of servers, IPVanish is recognized for providing highly qualified customer support. There are hundreds of servers in over 60 countries including Spain (where they have servers in Madrid and Valencia) and many other locations across Europe. Since they have control over their infrastructure, you can rely on the speeds and security that IPVanish can offer. With IPVanish your privacy is protected with high level of security because they apply 256-bit encryption to keep your online traffic safe.


Golden Frog’s VyprVPN is another great solution for customers in Spain, thanks to their effective combination of top security, speed and advanced technology. Your information is secured with high level encryption and their proprietary Chameleon technology is one of the most impressive features of the service. Chameleon uses OenVPN 256-bit protocol and it is designed to prevent Deep Packet Inspection, throttling and VPN blocking. They have more than 700 servers in over 50 countries, including Spain and you can avail of their 200,000 global IPs to ensure that your anonymity is maintained.


PureVPN offers great value for money as the price of their plans is very affordable and their extensive network of over 500 servers covers over 140 countries across the globe. In Spain, they have high speed servers in Madrid and their impressive geographical coverage ensures that you can always find an option to access content from any location, no matter where you are. Additionally, you can connect to up to 5 devices at the same time, which makes it a very convenient solution for families and users who own multiple devices. The service is P2P friendly, easy to use and designed to respect and to protect your privacy.


Many users prefer to opt for a VPN provider that is not based in the United States as this would make the company less vulnerable to strict data collection regulations the invasive surveillance imposed by organizations like the NSA. Since IronSocket operates from Hong Kong, it can support a better level of protection for your privacy. They offer a service that is conveniently priced, fast and effective. You can connect up to 3 devices simultaneously and they have servers in nearly 40 countries, including Spain, of course. P2P is allowed in many locations and you can easily customize your security settings.


NordVPN has servers in over 40 countries and since they are based in Panama, they are not subject to the data retention laws imposed in the United States. This allows them to offer a a solid privacy policy that promises to keep your online activity safe from logging. If security is your main concern, you will enjoy their additional features like Double VPN, which enhanced the level of protection for your connection by encrypting your data twice using AES-256-CBC. NordVPN is a great choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a versatile online experience without compromising their anonymity.

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