Best VPNs for Italy

Italy is one of the most popular destinations in Europe as it offers beautiful architecture, rich history, amazing landscapes and delicious food. Over 58% of the population in Italy use internet and although freedom of speech is protected by law, many reports indicate that the country doesn’t have a good record when it comes to press freedom. Political corruption and polarization have affected the way in which news are presented. Publications that present information that is not in favor of the leading parties, are likely to be restricted using Copyright and Defamation laws that are in place.

Many people rely on internet as a source of information and although online censorship in Italy is not as extended as in other nations, filtering and censorship have been implemented to a certain degree. Although these are intended to tackle online piracy, gambling and illegal activities, there have been instanced in which they are used to cover information and protect political interests. It is also believed that new laws could be approved in the near future to prevent independent journalists from exposing information or expressing opinions against the government.

Another issue in Italy is that wiretapping and online surveillance are common, which means that internet user’s privacy is under threat. This is why it is important for users in Italy to defend their online freedom and their privacy. The best option is to use a VPN that can keep your data secure, while allowing you to bypass filters and censorship. We will go through a list of the most convenient VPN services available for Italy. These providers have servers in Italy, which will allow you to access content from RAI and other media if you are located outside. If you are in Italy and your main concern is to protect your privacy, it isiI advisable to connect to a server outside the country to avoid the mass surveillance implemented by government agencies.

So Let’s Have a Look at the Best VPN Providers for Italy


expressvpnExpress VPN often features in the list of the best VPN solutions for different needs. Given the impressive speeds, advanced technology and convenient features available, it is not a surprise that this provider can also be considered a great option for Italy. ExpressVPN offers strong level of encryption and advanced clients that support useful features to protect your privacy and to defeat censorship to access the content that you want. There are servers in cities like Milan and you can also find a wide selection of servers in other European cities.


Since NordVPN operates from Panama, this provider is not subject to EU or US data retention laws. Many users who are concerned about privacy and online freedom, rely on NordVPN due to its strong no-logs policy. They also support features that aim to keep your online traffic secure, including Kill Switch and Double Data Encryption. You can get an additional layer of security with the Tor over VPN option. NordVPN has servers in Italy and in several other locations in Europe and across the world.


IPVanish is a Tier-1 VPN provider, which means that they manage their own infrastructure. This allows them to provide remarkable speeds and solid performance throughout its network of servers. IPVanish has servers in Italy and in many other European countries, including Romania and Switzerland, which would be better options to connect in order to keep your communications private. IPVanish also offers professional technical support and affordable prices.


AirVPN was founded by Italian hacktivists and defenders of online privacy. Their strong commitment to provide a secure service that protects your freedom of speech is paired with advanced technology. The VPN is easy to use and the level of encryption applied is quite high. Although they don’t have servers in Italy (only an internal server that is used for double-hop to bypass geo-location censorship), they have servers in other nearby European countries that offer a better option for those concerned about privacy.

Private Internet Access

PIAThis provider is another great alternative to keep your online information protected, while accessing international content. There are over 3000 servers available, including 19 in Italy. PIA is recognize in the industry for offering good speeds and reliable performance at a very convenient price. They accept Bitcoin and are committed to help you to keep your data secure and to remain anonymous online. P2P is supported and you can also stream content seamlessly.

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