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Vietnam’s beautiful landscapes and rich heritage attract travelers from around the world. However, the countries tumultuous history has shaped its restrictive approach to the media. Internet is heavily censored as the government has implemented measures that grant them control over the content shared and accesses by people. While the government claims that the aim is to protect the country from offensive and sexually explicit content, many of the websites affected contain political views that criticize the regime.

It has been reported that bloggers and internet activists have been arrested for promoting ideas that go against what the government. This is why it is important to consider a VPN, since this technology encrypts data and helps users to protect their privacy. With a VPN is also possible to bypasscensorship to access content that has been filtered or blocked in Vietnam.

Online censorship in Vietnam

The Communist Party of Vietnam leads the country and while its ideology has weakened, it is determined to stay in power. Internet represents a threat to this purpose since it provides access to a wide range of information that could transform the Vietnamese society and compromise the position of the party. While the country experienced economic growth after the 1980s, this has slowed down over the last few years. The global economic crisis in Vietnam also resulted in a wider wealth gap and increasing debt for companies owned by the state.

The censorship applied in Vietnam covers a wide selection of material and as previosuly mentioned, it is not restricted to obscene or pornographic material as alleged by the government. In fact, most websites blocked are related to human rights, political criticism to one-party government, campaigns against censorship and religious content. Although the censorship is mainly focused on websites in Vietnamese, or specifically related to Vietnam, there are also websites in English (including the BBC’s site) that have been affected.

Social networks and Blogging platforms have also been targeted and there is legislation that states that Twitter and Facebook should only be used to share personal information and not to express opinions. Any views or blogging contents that oppose the government or “harm national security” are prohibited. While the government has denied that it attempted to impose a ban on Facebook, each ISP has the ability to block content individually.

Censorship in Vietnam is know as the Bamboo firewall, and similarly to China, the government is also known for preventing the use of tools that can circumvent the blocks. Proxy sites are not available and this could eventually affect VPN providers, although at the moment, the leading solutions are still working in the country. Apart from the fact that freedom of speech is not protected and that censorship dominates information, privacy in Vietnam is also under threat since the government monitors online traffic.


This is one of the most reliable solutions for anyone who wants to defend their online privacy and their right to access and to share content without censorship. ExpressVPN offers a very fast service and the quality of the desktop client and mobile apps is remarkable. There are servers in multiple locations across the world, including countries near Vietnam like Hong Kong, Philippines and Singapore. More importantly, they don’t keep logs of your online activity.


With VyprVPN, you can enjoy high security for your data and convenient technology, like their exclusive Chameleon solution. With Chameleon, you can prevent that the fact that a VPN is in use is detected. This is ideal for bypassing firewalls and DPI and will allow you to defeat censorship effectively. VyprVPN doesn’t keep usage logs and they employ top encryption to secure your data.


The high level of encryption, affordability and ease of use that PureVPN offers, have allowed it to become one of the favorite VPN options in the industry. They have servers in 141 countries, which gives you many options to access the content you want and to disguise your IP address effectively. Up to five simultaneous connections are allowed and the service can be used on a wide range of devices and platforms.


BolehVPN is one of the most popular VPN solutions in Asia, thanks to the great speed that it offers and the fact that it accepts payment methods like Bitcoin and Dash. They have a convenient no logs policy and their “cloaked routers” in the US and Hong Kong will enable you to bypass censorship in Vietnam. BolehVPN supports P2P and offers great speeds. They have servers in Malaysia, Japan, United States and other locations convenient for Vietnam,


Since IPVanish is a Tier-1 VPN, it has greater control over the security and uptime of its network. There are servers in over 60 countries and you can enjoy impressive speeds to stream, browse and download content. While they are based in the US, they have a strong no logs policy that aims to keep your online activity private. The customer support is professional and responsive.

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