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BlackVPN started operating in 2009 and the providers commitment to privacy prompted them to move to Hong Kong in 2012 in order to ensure that they could offer their customers a solid no logs policy. Since BlackVPN aims to guarantee your online freedom and security, they made this decision as a way to avoid the strong hold that the NSA has over companies in the US and Europe. The team applies its solid IT experience to provide the best service and support for users. Although this VPN may seem basic when compared to other options, its ease of use and selection of plans that will suit different needs, make BlackVPN a good solution to consider. Well find out more about how BlackVPN can keep you secure and anonymous when you are online.

Getting Started
In terms of compatibility, BlackVPN provides a variety of options to enjoy the service in any internet-enabled device. The service works on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, PfSense and DD-WRT routers. The website provides detailed instructions that will allow you to set up the VPN on any of the platforms supported. BlackVPN offers free software, with OpenVPN being is the standard connection protocol. The support section contains comprehensive information that will allow you to configure the VPN without hassle. When you sign up, you are only required to provide your email address.

Security and Speed
As previously mentioned, OpenVPN is the standard connection used and since it is known as the most secure option, it is a good thing that BlackVPN has ensured that the service can be easily set up with this protocol. While L2TP/IPsec is a convenient option, particularly for Windows users but it is not as safe as OpenVPN. PPTP is also available, but due to its poor level of security, it should be the last choice. For an additional cost, you have the possibility of getting a licence for Viscosity, an advanced security technology that can be easily set-up with BlackVPN.

The real stand out about BlackVPN is the clear and transparent privacy policy that promises that there are not logs kept. While the provider has demonstrated its solid committed to maintain your information private, they are also very honest about the way things work to help you to stay safe. For instance, they advise customers upfront that servers in the US, the UK and Singapore are not to be used for P2P. They also make it clear that although your traffic, connection, DNS and real IP address are not logged, your email address and your payment history are kept on file. However, since you can use an anonymous email address service and opt for Bitcoin as a method of payment, these wouldnt be major concerns.

BlackVPN has managed to achieve balance between a good level of encryption and speed. When you connect to internet through a VPN, it is normal to experience a slowdown but the provider found a way to keep the service fast enough to support streaming, video calls and online gaming. They even have a package specifically designed to ensure that you can stream online content without experiencing delays. The speed will depend on the server chosen, your location and the speed of your internet connection but in general, when you use BlackVPN you can expect to reach a high percentage of your full bandwidth, in spite of the high level of encryption.

With BlackVPN, you can get the standard selection of features that a VPN offers to ensure a secure and flexible internet browsing experience. You can keep your internet traffic protected from surveillance and malicious attackers, even when you connect to public WiFi. DDoS attacks are a threat that is not unknown to gamers so if you want to protect yourself from them, you can rely on the protection that BlackVPN provides. One of the best solutions that BlackVPN offers for people who want to enjoy the best streaming experience with optimal speed is a feature that allows you to access content from Netflix, BBC iPlayer and more, even if you are connecting from a server outside the US or the UK. This means that you can use a server that is closer to your location and still enjoy TV streaming services that are usually only allowed in the aforementioned countries. BlackVPN also gives you the possibility of connecting three devices at the same time.

To make things more convenient for customers, BlackVPN offers a selection of plans that can suit the needs of different customers. You can get a solution that is ideal for your budget and requirements. If you are primarily interested in watching content from services like Hulu, Netflix USA and BBC iPlayer, you can opt for the TV package, which offers servers great speed and servers in the US and the UK. Your connection is also protected against DDoS attacks and you can unblock many popular services and websites. The price per month is €7.50, while three months cost €20 and one year, €75. There is also a Single package that as the name suggests. only supports one location. You can choose servers in the US or the UK. While this package offers a limited experience, it would be good for those who just need to unblock certain sites and applications. Plus, since the price per month is €5, three months are priced at €13 and a full year costs €49, you can save money.

If anonymity and protection for your privacy are the main reasons why you want to use a VPN, the Privacy package would the best choice. This solution allows you to use servers in 10 countries: Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Ukraine, Estonia, Romania, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Switzerland and Russia. The servers in these locations support P2P and all your traffic is encrypted. The price for one month of the Privacy package is €5, for three months you pay €13 and if you want to pay in advance for one year you can pay €49. Those who stand for the right to privacy for all internet users around the world will be glad to hear that when you subscribe this plan, 10% is donated to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The Global is a popular package that gives you access to the full list of servers available, while offering a high level of security and good speeds. This is a complete solution that gives you access to servers in the US, the UK, Singapore, Netherlands, Estonia, Singapore and more. The monthly price of the Global package is €9.50. For three months you pay €27 and for a full year, €99. All plans come with a 14-day money back guarantee that ensures that you can get a refund if the service doesnt work well for you or if you are not convinced. In addition, BlackVPN offers routers pre-configured with the plan of your choice, which is a practical solution as you wont need to manually configure the service. The prices go from €99 to €149 and you can find devices like the Cisco Linksys E900.

Customer Support
You can get in touch with BlackVPNs customer service by email ticket support and you can choose the most relevant option to address your query. Apart from offering information on the website and ticket/contact form support, BlackVPN has also introduced live chat to give customers the possibility get faster and more effective assistance. While the live chat option has limited availability, customers can expect detailed responses by email as well as useful guides on the site.

BlackVPN is an appealing and comprehensive solution for people who want to keep their privacy intact while they are streaming their favorite content, browsing internet and using P2P services. They aim to provide a service that caters for the needs of any customer and the plans are certainly designed to achieve that. However, considering the limited selection of servers, BlackVPN is quite expensive and many customers may be put off by the price of the plans. In spite of this, it is easy to see why users who want to enjoy a hassle-free streaming solution will love the features that BlackVPN offers for this purpose.

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