Ipvanish Review

The extensive experience of its team and the fact that IPVanish is a tier-1 VPN service has allowed this provider to achieve a leading place in the industry. Since they own and manage their network of servers, they have greater control over aspects like speed and performance and can offer a reliable service for their customers. IPVanish is constantly working to update and improve its infrastructure, which shows the company’s commitment to guarantee the best service to their customers. New technology solutions are implemented to improve the experience for IPVanish users and the high quality of the service is maintained. Thanks to this approach, IPVanish continues attracting customers and in this review we’ll find out more about this US provider.

Getting Started
IPVanish offers remarkable compatibility, which makes it a practical option for all kinds of users. This VPN service works with major platforms like Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS. There are custom clients for Windows and Mac, as well as apps for iOS and Android so you can easily install the service on these operating systems. You can also set up IPVanish manually on Linux, DDWRT or Tomato routers, gaming consoles and more. Although manual set up takes more time and is not as simple as installing a custom software, the website provides detailed tutorials that will guide you through every step.

The Windows and Mac clients feature user-friendly interface and useful features, giving you a hassle-free experience. The Windows version has practical functions that give you the possibility to manage your connection more effectively. You can choose the location you want to connect to in the “Server Selection” tab. The “By Use” tab provides a full list of servers available and ping times so you can select the option that better suits your needs. To find additional options to change your IP address as frequently as you want, you can go to the “IP Settings” tab.

Mac users will also enjoy ease of use with a client designed to help you to adjust your connection according to your preferences. You have the possibility of choosing servers based on location or response time. Connecting to the server that meets your requirements allows you to enjoy an optimal surfing and streaming experience. You can also switch between servers and protocols whenever needed.

The Android app is a convenient way to protect your anonymity, no matter where you are. It is easy to use and you can connect to a secure server or get details about your VPN session. There is also an app available in the App store to get the protection and flexibility of IPVanish on your iOS device. The app allows you to unlock websites when you are on the go and it works with iOS 8 and above. You can connect to the server of your choice and the settings are easy to adjust thanks to a smart and clear interface.

Speed and Security
IPVanish supports OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP, which are the most popular protocols available. In OpenVPN and L2TP, it offers high security with 256-bit encryption, while PPTP uses 128-bit encryption. Keep in mind that OpenVPN is widely considered as the most secure option to protect your data. Since IPVanish uses shared dynamic IP addresses, it is easier to maintain your identity hidden when you are connected to internet. Although IPVanish is a US provider, which may raise concerns for some people who are looking for complete privacy, the company has a solid policy that states that your online activity is not tracked. Your traffic is not monitored and no logs are kept.

Speed is another area in which the quality of a VPN service is reflected and IPVanish provides great results in the tests to check how fast the service can be. Even though there is a slight speed loss, which is normal due to the way the data is secured, IPVanish is fast enough to ensure a swift browsing and streaming experience. DNS leaks testing also came with good results and confirmed that DNS information is not being leaked when you use IPVanish.

To enhance the protection to your connection, IPVanish provides NAT firewall which stops inbound traffic in order to prevent attacks and safeguard your system. Unlike other providers that charge extra or that don’t even provide this option, IPVanish includes NAT firewall without additional cost. The Wi-Fi Hotspot protection is another feature designed to keep your information protected. You can connect to public Wi-Fi in coffee shops, hotels and more without fear because IPVanish will ensure that you remain anonymous and safe. Since two connections are permitted, you can use IPVanish on your computer and a mobile device at the same time.

The price for one month of IPVanish is $10 USD for one month and as you can guess, the monthly price is reduced when you subscribe for a longer period of time. For three months you pay $26.99 so the monthly price would be $8.99. To get the best price, you can extend your subscription to a full year and pay $77.99, which makes the monthly cost just $6.49 USD. BitCoin, one of the favourite options for privacy conscious users, is amongst the methods of payment accepted. IPVanish’s plans are covered with a 7-day money back guarantee.

Servers Location
Currently IPVanish has almost 400 super efficient servers in 59 countries across the world and their network is constantly growing. They support locations like Estonia, Thailand, Argentina, Hong Kong, Turkey, United States, Indonesia, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Iceland, Egypt, South Africa, Sweden, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Finland, Mexico and Ireland. There are thousands of IPs so you can enjoy internet securely and anonymously.

Customer Support
IPVanish also makes sure that its website is continuously improved and you can find useful information about different aspects of the service. There is a comprehensive FAQ section, as well as a forum where you will likely find a solution to your query. The customer support team can be contacted via email at any time of the day throughout the year. Live chat is also available but only during business hours (9 – 5pm EST) from Monday to Friday. Their team is knowledgeable and the responses are generally efficient.

IPVanish continues evolving, but it remains true to its commitment to high quality and solid service to help customers to protect their privacy. The attention paid to every aspect of the service is clear and as a result, users can expect a fast, effective and easy to use service. Since they offer user-friendly VPN clients and apps for the main operating systems, people who have no experience with this technology will easily get used to IPVanish and the features supported. Although there is a no logs policy in place, the fact that the company is based in the US where data retention laws are applied will concern those who want a highly private and anonymity solution. However, everyday users will find that IPVanish is a reliable, innovative and solid option.

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