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Security and speed are very important when it comes to choosing a VPN service but there is another aspect that should be considered, particularly if you are new in the world of VPNs. Ease of use can ensure that your VPN experience is truly enjoyable and that is exactly what CyberGhost offers. Of course, this provider is also recognized for being highly secure and effective. The company is mainly based in Romania, but it also has presence in Germany and provides a great selection of servers in Europe. CyberGhost has earned popularity thanks to a simple interface, regular discounts on their paid plans and a convenient free service. Furthermore, they are known as one of the providers that is committed to keeping your privacy protected. In this review, we will take a closer look at this and other features that CyberGhost offers.

Getting Started
Over the years, CyberGhost has worked to develop a service that supports advanced technology without being overly complicated. Their OpenVPN based interface has been considerably improved since the service started and the latest version will impress you from the start with its simple, yet appealing design. It is uncluttered and straightforward, which makes it ideal for beginners. The smart lay out and clear buttons ensure that you can access all the main functions in the menu without hassle. The signing up process is also very easy and the fact that you dont need to provide personal information will make CyberGhost a favourite option for users who value their privacy. You will get a pre-selected username and password, along with a Unique Key which will keep your account secure. CyberGhost is compatible with major platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux.

Security and Speed
To keep your privacy protected, CyberGhost uses a high level of encryption through 256-bit OpenVPN, which is available in both premium and free services. The paid plans also support L2TP/IPsec and PPTP protocols. Since OpenVPN is the most secure protocol, it is the best option to select and the fact that the free service supports it, means that users can get a good idea of the advanced protection that CyberGhost offers even before committing to a full plan. CyberGhost also offers additional privacy features in both paid and free plans. In the Privacy Control tab, you can choose options that will help you to add further security to your connection.

You can remove information about your browser and operating system to keep your identity concealed. It is also possible to change the language in your browser to suit the server location you have chosen. There is also a content blocker that lets you block requests to tracking websites or remove social plugins such as the Facebook Like button, which can compromise your anonymity as it analyzes your surfing patterns. These features also work with HTTPS.

There are different aspects that can affect speed, including the performance of your own connection and the location of the server you are connecting to. While the experience can be different for each user and would vary across servers, in general CyberGhost can offer satisfactory speeds. The free service is considerably slower, but this is to be expected given the limited bandwidth and server options. The Premium plan features data compression, allowing you to enjoy streaming and online games.

Users in Europe seem to have better results, but since CyberGhost continues expanding its network and implementing advanced solutions, the speed and server uptime are likely to get better for all users. You can get unlimited bandwidth in all plans, but the free service is limited to 1Mb per second and the servers are selected automatically. Still, it is a a good option that allows you to surf internet securely and without additional cost.

Kill switch is a crucial solution to maintain the security of your data at all times. If your VPN connection fails, your internet connection will be disabled too in order to protect your anonymity. In Premium plans, the VPN connection will be reestablished automatically, as soon as the VPN starts working again. There is also an Antispy add-on section in the VPN client, which gives you the possibility of personalizing your security settings to get better control over your privacy. This add-on allows you to disable Windows Messenger when Outlook Express is launched, prevents error reporting and lets you remove information about the last files used. NAT Firewall, DNS Leak protection and IPv6 leak protection are also available.

You are also protected against malicious website and applications thanks to protection features that prevent from accessing sites that can harm your device. HTTPS secured connections are chosen by default whenever their are available. One of the highlights of CyberGhost is their strong privacy policy and the fact that you dont need to provide personal information in order to use the service. This makes CyberGhost a reliable solution for users that are conscious about their anonymity.

Since the service is based in Romania, where data retention laws were declared unconstitutional, CyberGhost can provide a solid no-logging policy that guarantees that your web browsing history and activity is not monitored. While connection logs are kept for troubleshooting purposes, they are deleted after 24 hours. There is also a web based proxy, which is a practical solution to mask your IP address and access websites that are blocked in your location. However, it is important to keep in mind that it doesnt encrypt your data.

The free plan, which can be used with Windows, Mac and Android, is a good option to discover CyberGhosts service. The paid plans offers flexibility so you can choose the payment interval that better suits you. The Premium plan is currently available for just $20.98 per year (reduced from $69.99) and it supports 1 device. The monthly cost for this plan is $6.99 and it includes Android and iOS apps. The Premium Plus plan includes all the features of Premium but it supports up to five devices. The price of this plan is $109.99 or $10.99 when you pay on a monthly basis. They accept BitCoin as a method of payment so you can enjoy true anonymity in every aspect of the service.

CyberGhosts network includes 500 servers and covers 27 countries including Romania, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Australia, United Kingdom, Japan and the United States. While at the moment they dont have servers in South America or Africa, the fact that they have added servers in Asia and more options in the United States has improved the experience across the world and means that CyberGhost is not only a good option for European customers.

Customer Support
First impressions are important and CyberGhosts website is easy to navigate and makes a great impact thanks to its appealing design. You can find detailed information about the service and the Help section contains a large selection of answers and solutions to the most common queries. The customer support team can be reached via ticket support system and email. Responses can take up to 48 hours but in some cases you can expect a faster response. The live chat is available from Monday to Friday between 8 AM and 5 PM MET.

CyberGhosts popularity continues growing thanks to their solid privacy policy and good performance. Although their free service is very convenient, in order to enjoy the full capacity of their VPN solution, it is advisable to opt for a premium plan. Overall, CyberGhost is a reliable option that combines advanced technology and ease of use to make your internet connection more secure and versatile.

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