VyprVPN Review

VyprVPN is designed to allow internet users to break free from the restrictions imposed by government agencies, ISPs and the entertainment industry in order to enjoy their favourite content. Although VyprVPN started providing its services in 2010, Golden Frog, the company behind this VPN solution has over two decades of experience working in internet services. They are recognized for Giganews, which is considered as one of the best Usenet solutions. Since its creation, VyprVPN has become a popular VPN service thanks to the impressive speed and advanced technology that it supports. They have control over their infrastructure and have implemented their own technology to offer reliability, a high level of security and top performance. Here is more of what you can expect from VyprVPN.

Getting Started

VyprVPN has software clients for Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS. It is also possible to configure the service manually in other platforms like Linux and it can also be used with DD-WRT routers, Boxee, Tunnelblick and much more. The interface of the Windows software is simple and straightforward. You can connect or disconnect just by clicking one button. It is possible to access useful information and manage your settings easily from the task bar. The connection status and speed are displayed and you can see other details such as the protocol that you are using and your IP address. With VyprVPN you can customize your connection, selecting the server and protocol that better suits your needs.

Security and Speed

VyprVPN supports well-known protocols such as OpenVPN, PPTP, SSL and L2TP/IPsec. To provide a high level of security for your connection, VyprVPN offers 256-bit encryption. Additionally, they offer their proprietary solution known as Chameleon, a strong protocol that can mask your VPN traffic making it practically undetectable and more difficult to block by firewalls with DPI capabilities. Chameleon adds security to your connection while ensuring that you can enjoy good speed. It gives you the possibility of resolving bandwidth throttling to enjoy streaming and gaming without issues. Chameleon uses unmodified OpenVPN 256-bit encryption and works as an effective tool to overcome censorship and geo-restrictions.

Since Chameleon can avoid VPN blocking, this unique technology is ideal for users in countries like China where strict censorship is applied on internet and where other VPN solutions are no longer effective. In terms of speed, VyprVPN is one of the providers that has done a good job in ensuring that the loss of speed is minimal when you use their service. Whether you use Chameleon or any the other protocols supported by VyprVPN, you can expect an impressively fast connection. Their advanced technology is specially designed to ensure that you can stream content seamlessly while keeping your data secure.


VyprVPN stands out thanks to their exclusive Chameleon technology, but that is not the only feature that makes them worth considering. To enhance even further the security of your VPN connection, NAT firewall is supported. This option places an additional layer of protection that defends your system from malicious traffic. This feature is included in the Pro and Premier plans. VyprDNS is another convenient solution that can defend your data against middle man attacks while helping you to bypass censorship filters and keeping your privacy intact. VyprDNS works in combination with VyprVPN to unlock content that is not available in your location.

With VyprVPN, you can get a good selection of tools to protect the security of your connection and help you to enjoy online freedom by accessing the content that you want, regardless of where you live. The service also includes free cloud storage through Golden Trucks Dump Truck, which means that you can save your files securely. VyprVPN supports unlimited bandwidth in all paid plans and users can switch between servers as often as they want. It is important to keep in mind that although VyprVPN doesnt keep logs of your online activity, they track connection details such as time and IP addresses, which means that it is not a completely anonymous solution.


There is a free plan that allows you to try VyprVPN before committing to full subscription. This plan offers limited data usage (500MB/month) but it supports two simultaneous connections, NAT firewall and it gives your the possibility of using all the protocols available, including Chameleon. The paid plans start with the Basic option, which is priced at $9.99 USD per month, or $6.67 per month if your subscribe for a full year. This plan only supports one connection using PPTP, which means that it would be more suitable for users who are mainly interested in unlocking content while connecting to internet from a mobile device.

The Pro plan includes Nat firewall, supports all protocols and it lets you use two connections at the same time. One month costs $14.99 but if you subscribe for a full year, the monthly cost would be $8.33. The Premier plan offers the same features as Pro, but it allows you to use three simultaneous connections. The price for one month is $19.99 and it can be reduced to $10 per month when you pay for one year in advance. Business plans are also available from $299 per year for three users.


There are servers in nearly 50 countries like South Korea, Sweden, Qatar, New Zealand, Colombia, United States, Iceland, Philippines, Ireland, Norway, Japan, Romania, Vietnam, Finland, Mexico, Czech Republic and Saudi Arabia. The dynamic server switching enables users to change location as often as needed and it identifies the best server available to ensure a fast an effective connection.

Customer Support

Golden Frog aims to provide efficient assistance to their customers through all the channels supported including email, live chat and ticketing system. The support team can be contacted at any time, any day and you can expect fast and helpful responses. The website offers useful information and customers can also find help through the forums, blogs and the practical tutorials available.


VyprVPNs advanced technology, great speed and solid performance, make it a good option for anyone who wants to bypass restrictions and protect their online data from eavesdroppers. On the downside, it should be noted that even though online activity is not logged, other information is kept and anonymous payments solutions like BitCoin are not supported. Additionally, VyprVPNs prices are considerably high when compared to other providers. Still, the great quality of features like Chameleon make this VPN service worth the money.

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