ExpressVPN Review

Established in 2009, ExpressVPN is a provider that is known for offering good performance and remarkable speed. Right from the start, ExpressVPN committed to give users the option to enjoy internet without restrictions and to keep their information secure and private. The company has a loyal customer base and continues attracting new users who trust in the solid reputation that ExpressVPN has built throughout the years. If you are looking for a VPN provider and have considered ExpressVPN, you’ll find out more about their features here.

Getting Started
Compatibility is one of the strongest points of ExpressVPN. It works with a variety of operating systems and offers custom VPN clients for Windows and Mac. There are also mobile apps for Android and iOS, meaning that you can easily secure your connection while you are on the go. Thanks to the custom software and apps, the configuration is simple and takes only a few minutes. Other options like Linux are also supported and while they require manual set up, the website offers detailed tutorials to complete the process. ExpressVPN can be used with PCs, mobile devices, as well as Chromebook, Amazon Kindle and DD-WRT routers. The service is easy to use and includes practical options such as Auto-Connect, which allows you to connect to the best server available for your needs and you can also switch between protocols.

Security and Speed
The protocols supported include OpenVPN, PPTP, SSL, SSTP, L2TP/IPsec and TCP. This is a strong selection of protocols that sets ExpressVPN apart from other options that have a limited coverage in this category. They also provide a high level of encryption (256-bit) which will defend your confidential information against any attempt of interception. The strong level of protection will make all the data transferred practically impossible to access for prying eyes. Although in general, VPNs tend to reduce the speed of your connection, the best services are able to reduce the impact. Testing the speed of ExpressVPN using different protocols, showed that with this provider, you will hardly notice any difference in your internet connection. Its fast performance, makes it an ideal option for online streaming and gaming.

ExpressVPN offers unlimited bandwidth and there are no speed restrictions applied, which ensures that you can watch videos online and stream content without any issues. Users have he possibility of choosing the VPN server location of their preference in case they don’t want to use the Auto-Connect function, that we previously mentioned. Auto-Connect makes things simple as it finds the server that is experiencing the lowest traffic and connects you to it, ensuring that you experience a fast performance. Connecting to the server recommended by ExpressVPN is a convenient way to use the service, but you can also opt for a different server. You can select another location through the menu that appears on the software client.

The menu selection includes a variety of options including location picker, which will let you go through the servers available including the options recommended. You can find servers by region or by name, simplifying the task of choosing a server that suits your preferences. The Options tab will lead you to General Options and Protocol, where you can select the protocol that you wish to use. The menu also gives you access to the help option from which you can contact customer support. ExpressVPN’s interface is clear and easy to manage so you’ll be able to access all the functions without any hassle.

The fact that ExpressVPN is registered in the British Virgin Islands means that it is not subject to strict data retention laws, unlike other providers that operate under US or UK laws. This allows the company to offer a no logs policy that gives users peace of mind as it means that no data is tracked, monitored or preserved. Thanks to this policy, your privacy and anonymity will remain intact because even if there is a request from third parties, ExpressVPN wouldn’t be able to provide any information about your online activity. Privacy is important for everyone, but in cases in which freedom of speech is under threat and governments are looking to track down the opposition, staying anonymous is crucial.

Compared to other providers, ExpressVPN’s prices are high, but considering the fast service provided, it is an justified investment. One month of ExpressVPN costs $12.95. If you extend the subscription period to six months, the monthly price is reduced to $9.99, with a total payment of $59.95. As you may guess, the monthly cost is reduced even further when you go for the full year subscription. In this case, you would pay $99.95 in total, which means that the price per month would be the equivalent to $8.32. Although ExpressVPN doesn’t offer a free trial, their money back guarantee covers you for 30 days, instead of the 7 days that are offered by most providers.

Server Location
With ExpressVPN you can get access to servers in over 78 countries in different continents so no matter where you live, you’ll find a server that suit you. The selection available includes Georgia, Ecuador, Sweden, Philippines, Israel, Egypt, Ukraine, South Korea, Germany and Isle of Man. When you choose a country, the server is assigned randomly and you can switch between locations when needed.

Customer Support
You can find a great deal of information on the website, which is neatly organized and appealing. The Support and Setup sections include useful details that will help you to deal with the most common issues that you may encounter. There is also a comprehensive FAQ section that offers detailed answers. Help is also available via live chat, email and web form. Emails are generally responded within a few hours.

While ExpressVPN doesn’t offer as many features and ad-ons as other providers, it is still a good VPN solution that stands out thanks to its incredible speed. The selection of servers is extensive and their no logs policy will attract customers who are concerned about the security and privacy of their data. ExpressVPN may not be the most affordable option available but the top quality of the service justifies the price.

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