BoxPN Review

BoxPN is one of the services owned by Edelino Commerce (the other two being VPN Tunnel and Anonine), a company based in Seychelles that works to provide online privacy and security solutions. BoxPN aims to make things easy for customers who want to enhance the privacy and security of their online traffic. In this review, we will go through the main features and we’ll discuss the performance of BoxPN to help you decide if it is the option that you are looking for.

Privacy and Security

BoxPN supports PPTP, SSTP, L2TP and OpenVPN, giving you a variety of options to secure your online data. OpenVPN is the best choice in terms of security and it is a reliable way to keep your traffic protected from snooping and attacks. While PPTP is generally considered as weak and it is advisable to only use it as a last resort, the other protocols offer a good level of protection, although not as strong as OpenVPN. BoxPN uses 2048-bit encryption to defend your online traffic against threats like intrusive online surveillance and hacking, making sure that your data has a solid layer of protection.

The privacy policy states that they don’t keep logs of your online activities under any circumstance and they take advantage of the fact that they are based in Seychelles, which means that they are not subject to mandatory data retention laws. The only information that may be kept are payment details, but this depends on payment processor regulations. Bitcoin is one of the payment methods accepted, so you can enjoy a better level of anonymity for your transactions. Overall, BoxPN offers a good level of protection, but if you want to get the ultimate privacy, a zero logs solution may be the best choice.


BoxPN supports Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux (Ubuntu), covering the most popular systems. You can also set up the service on other platforms with the help of the set up guides available on the website. The software is fairly basic and it doesn’t include anything outstanding, but if simplicity is what you want, BoxPN should be considered. They offer the necessary functions to help you to bypass geo-blocks and get access to content that is usually blocked in your location.

With BoxPN, you will be able to connect up to three devices at the same time. This would be enough for most people as it means that they can enjoy the security of the VPN on their computer, tablet and smartphone. If you need additional connections, you can set up the VPN on a router running DD-WRT, Tomato or other VPN ready firmware. This will only count as one connection and then you can connect as many devices as needed to the router, to get the benefits of the VPN.

At the moment, BoxPN has over 80 servers in over 20 countries including Australia, Iceland, Argentina, Russia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Switzerland, Netherlands and United States. Although BoxPN’s network is not as large as what other providers have, it covers key locations that will allow you to access popular content. The speeds are generally good and you can switch between the servers as often as needed. BoxPN supports Torrent and P2P on its network.


While the price per month is $9.99, you can enjoy great savings if you extend the time of your subscription. If you opt for three months, the total cost is $19.98, which reduces the monthly price to $6.66. The annual plan offers the best savings as it only costs $35.88, which means that the monthly price is reduced to just $2.99. The plans are covered with a 7-day money back guarantee. Apart from accepting Bitcoin, BoxPN supports other methods like credit cards, Perfect Money and PayPal.

Customer Support

You can find helpful set up guides on the website, as well as a FAQ section that includes information about technical aspects of the service and other useful details. The guides available cover all the platforms and protocols offered and they will take you through every step of the process. If you need to reach out to them directly, you can email them. While the responses are detailed and polite, you may need to wait a few hours for them to reply. A live chat would be a great addition, so hopefully the implement it in the future.


BoxPN is heading towards the right direction to become a reliable solution to protect your online privacy. The level of security that they offer is good and the fact that they don’t keep logs will give peace of mind to many users. Although it doesn’t offer advanced features, it is easy to use and will be effective enough to ensure that your connection is safe when you are using public WiFi. The customer support is one of the aspects that can be improved, but overall, if you are mainly looking for a simple VPN solution, BoxPN may be the way to go.

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