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It’s been almost six years since the iPad was originally released, but its popularity is still strong thanks to its groundbreaking design and solid quality. Many people carry their iPads on a daily basis and use their devices for work, entertainment and to access internet on the go. That is why most VPN providers have created applications for iOS in order to help users to enjoy protection and flexibility while browsing, streaming or playing their favorite online games. A VPN is essential for mobile devices because when you connect to internet through public Wi-Fi you are more vulnerable to eavesdroppers and online attackers. In order to help you to ensure that your privacy is safe when you connect to internet using your iPad, we present some of the best VPN services for this device. They offer easy to set up applications and features that will allow you to get the best online experience. Since the iPad is ideal for watching videos and TV shows, we have also selected services that support great speeds for streaming.


purevpnThe interface of the iOS application features an amusing look and is very easy to use. You can enjoy easy connection and access the main functions, as well as support from the home screen. While there were reports of buggy performance on previous versions of the app, the current version runs without major issues. The customer service is very good and the prices of their plans are competitive. It is not difficult to find servers that support the level of speed that you need to enjoy the best streaming experience. The special browser option adds 20 Mbps buffer to stream HD video even before it gets to the device, this means that you get 20Mbps of download speed to your stream and buffers it for you. The fact that PureVPN allows you to connect up to 5 simultaneous devices, makes it a good value option.


ipvanish150This provider has combines speed and consistent performance and its reliability makes it a great option for users who want to stream video on their iPad. Since IPVanish offers fast server speeds, you can enjoy a fast streaming experience while using different services It is possible to connect one device per protocol, meaning that you can only secure one with OpenVPN, which is the most reliable option. There are useful setup guides that will allow you to configure the VPN on your iPad. However, when it comes to software specially designed for iOS, the option available is very basic. Still, IPVanish is a good solution for iOS thanks to its solid speeds and the basic app is actually an advantage because it runs faster.


VyprVPN prides itself in having the best app for iOS and while there are other good solutions in the market, it is true that theirs is one of the best ones. The setup is quite simple and you just need a single swipe connect function to get the VPN ready to be used. There is an interactive map available that gives you the possibility of browsing the locations across the world to test the speeds of the servers from the app’s home screen. It is very easy to use and you can find optimal speeds easily thanks to good selection of options available. The plans are more expensive than other services available, but they are worth considering thanks to the practical app they will help you to enjoy the benefits of a VPN in your iPad.


expressvpnExpressVPN’s app for iPad features a graphical server map that allows you to connect to multiple server locations. Thanks to the easy one time set up, starting with the app is a simple experience. While the graphical interface may not suit everyone’s preferences, its simplicity and classic design are ideal for new users. Unfortunately, the features available are limited, but you still get the essential options needed to ensure that you can fully enjoy the benefits of a VPN. Speeds are good and the servers offer stability. The main downside of ExpressVPN is that the price of the plans are high but if speed is what you are after, you may still want to give them a try.

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