Best VPN for Twitch

In its origins, Twitch was the gaming section of, a popular streaming websites that offered users the possibility of broadcasting their own live content. became an independent website in 2011 and in 2014, when was closed, the company behind it focused its attention on Twitch. Now part of the Amazon family, this live streaming video platform and community, allows gamers to broadcast gaming events, tournaments or simply share their skills with the world through videos that show them playing.

Apart from featuring online content focused on gaming, Twitch enables players to interact with the community. You can discuss the best strategies to advance levels in your favorite games, or talk about the latest titles. Twitch gives streamers a way to showcase their talent and their gaming knowledge, while viewers can subscribe to channels and find a wide selection of gaming-related content. Twitch gives gamers the opportunity to earn money from their streams and has established a communication channel for the gaming community.

Although Twitch is an amazing platform to learn gaming techniques from the best players in the world, users in certain parts of the world tend to experience lag issues. This is particularly noticeable when watching in the highest quality source option. The good news is that using a VPN can address this problem because the top services are capable of routing your traffic through a network that facilitates faster, seamless streaming.

In addition, a VPN keeps your data protected from eavesdroppers and allows you to disguise your IP address to defend your privacy. It can also be a valuable tool to avoid DDoS attacks. While some Twitch users have reported that the platform is banning some VPN IPs, the service in our list are known for offering a wide range of IPs, options like dedicated IPs and other technology that will help you to enjoy Twitch securely.

List of VPNs for Twitch


IPVanish has strong control over its own network of servers since it is a recognized tier-1 provider in the VPN industry. Their fast service is ideal for online gaming and streaming and they also offer a high level of security to keep your traffic private. There are over 40,000 IP addresses available and their servers are located across 60 countries. You can switch between servers as often as you want and there are no traffic logs kept.

Private Internet Access

Reliability and convenient prices are just two of the main benefits of Private Internet Access, popularly known as PIA. For just $3.33 per month (if you subscribe for a full year), you can get a VPN service that is secure, fast and that allows you to use over 3,200 servers in 24 countries. Their VPN client offers key features like Kill Switch and since they dont keep traffic logs, your privacy will remain protected. You can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously.


Speed is one of the strongest points of ExpressVPN, making it an excellent choice for Twitch. They also offer top encryption to ensure that your online data is safe from eavesdroppers and fraudsters. ExpressVPN has servers in 87 countries and they dont keep any logs of your traffic. While ExpressVPNs plans are more expensive than other options available, the impressive quality that they offer and their convenient features are worth the investment.


Known as one of the strongest options for those concerned about privacy, NordVPN is a provider based in Panama, which means it is not within the NSA jurisdiction. Apart from having a no logs policy, they offer advanced security features like double data encryption and Tor over VPN connection. The latter option adds a double layer of protection to your privacy as it directs your traffic over their VPN servers and Tor. The high level of encryption has an impact on speed and wouldnt be the best choice for streaming. However, NordVPN also has fast servers and dedicated IPs can be obtained, which would be a handy solution for Twitch


With PureVPN, you can get access to servers in 141 countries, which gives you an incredible level of flexibility to stream global content. PureVPN offers convenient features like Internet Kill Switch, split tunneling and NAT firewall. You can also opt for an add-on known as HDX streaming, which is set to improve the speed and performance of the service when you are streaming online content. PureVPN also has a solid privacy policy that promises that no logs of your activity are kept. They also have dedicated IPs available.

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