Best websites to find legal torrents

P2P is often associated with online piracy, but this technology offers much more and there are many legitimate uses for it. With P2P, it is possible to transfer any kind of files over the internet in a convenient and efficient manner. It is a great solution for businesses, but personal users can also take advantage of it to get access to media content, without breaking the law. There are many websites that offer content that is not subject to copyright and you can download it using the BitTorrent client that you prefer. Here you will find a list of websites that offer movies, songs and more for free and you won’t need to worry about having issues with copyright holders. Of course, if preferred, you can also use a VPN in this case to download content securely.

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive offers an online library that provides free access to a wide selection of content, including books, audio files and movies. It is a fantastic source for researchers, journalists, historians and everyone who wants to legally access a great collection of media. This non-profit website is easy to use and it allows you to download content via BitTorrent. You can check review of the files and preview them before downloading the content. As mentioned, the content can be accessed for free, but you can support the website with donations to ensure that it can still operating.


In this website, you can find a great collection of classic and B-movies for free. It is possible to access the content openly thanks to the fact that it is now in the public domain because the copyright has expired. There are many options available for classic movie fans including Sci-Fi, Horror films, Drama and Comedies. The website also offers Westerns, Family movies, Animation and TV series. The titles include cult movies like Carnival of Souls and George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. There is also an option to buy the movies instead of downloading them. PublicDomainTorrents offers simple design and a convenient way to access movies and TV shows that are part of the history of the entertainment industry.

Public Domain Movies

Public Domain Movies is the ideal website to discover amazing classics or to rewatch your favorite ones. It offers a good selection of movies in a variety of genres including Drama, Comedy, Romance, Science Fiction and Horror. You can find comedy classics that include Charlie Chaplin movies, Three Stooges full episodes and more. Plan 9 from Outer Space, a film deemed to be so bad that it became a cult classic is also available on the website. Public Domain Movies also features animations from Disney. You can find a great catalog of content produced between 1913 and 1979.


VODO has been around since 2009 and apart from offering a well-designed platform, it stands out for allowing users to access content from independent artists. The website features a varied catalog of options including music, videos, games and even free movies. There is content from around the world and although not all the options available are great, you can find some gems and even award-winning films. VODO is an interesting option to discover work from international artists. The majority of the content is available for free, but you can also support the artists by paying for the content you download.

The Mercury Theatre on the Air

Considered as the best radio show of the 1930’s, The Mercury Theatre on the Air features the New York drama company, a fantastic ensemble created by the legendary Orson Welles and John Houseman. The show made history with the War of the Wars broadcast, which made people believe that a real alien invasion was taking place. The website gives you access to many of the shows in the series and renowned artists of the time like Agnes Moorehead, Bernard Herrmann and George Coulouris participated in The Mercury Theatre on the Air. The content can be downloaded via BitTorrent.


Etree is a community of music fans where you can trade music and find new artists. There is a vast collection of audio files available. The website focuses on allowing users to share live concert recordings of trade friendly artists and it encourages users to support the bands by going to their concerts and buying their CDs. It is possible to find concerts from iconic bands like The Grateful Dead, Phish and Pearl Jam. Etree uses its own software for free and it provides steps to help you to download the content without issues. gives you the chance to download demos and legal patches of Mac, Windows and Linux games. It also features a forum where you can follow or participate on discussions about torrents and gaming. You can also find programs, skins and practical resources for gaming. The dedicated high speed seeders allow you to get the content whenever you want. If you are an avid gamer, make sure that you check

SXSW Torrents

SXSW Torrents lets you access thousands of music tracks from artists that have played in the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival. The festival has been running for 13 years in Austin, Texas and it brings together many independent artists. It also features films and interactive shows. The website gives you access to over 14000 songs and you can access the collection by year. It is possible to download the content using the BitTorrent client of your choice.

Linux users can rely on this website to find torrent links for their platform. Here you can find the latest versions of almost every Linux distribution available, makes things simple with its practical index and useful sections like News and FAQ. You can also see a list of the most popular torrents available. Creating an account is easy and each file offers descriptions that will help you to know more about what you are downloading.

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