How to fix,, Kodi errors

It is likely that you have come across at least a few errors while using Kodi addons. Many of the main errors you could encounter with Kodi are dependency errors, cache issues, stream authorization errors, no stream available errors and more. In this guide, we will take a look at the cause, solution and the way in which you can prevent stream authorization errors. We’ll focus on,,,, which are some of the main errors that Kodi users may experience.

Why do you get,, and other stream authorization error on Kodi?

In order to be able to fix the error, it is important to understand the cause first. The name of the error can give us a fairly good idea of what is the reason behind it. “Stream authorization” basically means that authorization for the streaming is required. This indicates that the error only appears if your stream is not authorized. This helps you to understand the error a bit better. The next steps is to be aware of the stream authorization. This means that stream authorization works in a similar way as captcha solving for human verification.

Given that the majority of the media content is hosted on a remote server, a software is required to access and stream the TV shows and movies found in these servers. Kodi users rely on Kodi add-ons to access streams. There are many other streaming solutions such as Plex and Streamio. The majority of online streaming websites stream from the same server. If you are streaming a popular movie that was recently released, you can expect that many more people like you will also be streaming movies from the same servers. Not only human users, but also bots and scrappers will also try to get access to the content. To be able to avoid that the server shuts down all of the sudden due to high traffic, stream authorization is needed.

How websites such as,,, help in fixing the stream authorization?

There are many providers available online that offer streaming services. The traffic to the servers is quite high since they are available to the general public. To avoid heavy load, the majority of providers use stream authorization method. In this method, the user needs to validate their IP address to get access to streaming access. This allows providers to avoid unwanted traffic to their website.,, and openload are the main options available.

The majority of providers have 2 sites for pairing purposes. For instance, provider uses and as official pairing sites. You will be asked to authorize your IP by going to any one of the authorized websites, depending on your location and traffic. A user can obtain streaming permission for up to 4 hours this way. After 4 hours, you will be asked again for authorization. This will limit the traffic and will grant the user access to their content on first come, first serve basis. At a specific time, only these IPs can access the content of the server and all other IPs are blocked.

We have covered stream authorization and now, we will talk about the way to fix stream authorization of,, and other errors like these. We will go through three different methods to address the errors and enjoy streaming access without limits.

How to fix,, and other Kodi errors?

The methods that we will list below, can be used for all the stream authorization errors, including, and These three methods share a specific requirement, which is to get your IP authorized from the provider’s site.

Solution 1 – Direct Authorization

In this method, the idea is to get your IP address authorized from the provider site. It is the easiest solution of all the possible ones and it is also the most effective. With other methods, you will need to configure your scrapes to ignore hosters with captcha. Scrapers and URL resolvers are crucial to the Kodi experience since they are the ones that scrap all the content available online.

Here is what you need to do:

First, open your web browser, enter the URL that appears in the Kodi error windows that pops up. Depending on your case, you will see,, or other URLs.

If you are using Kodi on Firestrick and are not able to open the URL, then connect other device to the same IP and open the URL. We will authorize the IP, not the device so you can authorize from any device. Ensure that the device is connected to the same internet connection.

After that, you will be bale to enjoy all your favorite content for 4 hours. Once the 4 hour have passed, you will need to authorize again. The best option is to use a VPN service so that you can change your real IP address and authorize the streaming for a different IP. VPN providers offer many IP addresses, which means that you can use different IPs to mask your real IP and get access to unlimited streaming access.

Using a VPN will also add a layer of anonymity as your real IP address won’t be visible to others, which means that they won’t be able to trace you easily. In addition, your entire internet traffic is encrypted, preventing your ISP, hackers, eavesdroppers and other parties from seeing what you are doing online. VPNs are not only great solutions to protect your privacy, they also help you to reclaim your online freedom. You can bypass censorship and geo-blocks that prevent you from accessing the content that you want, no mater where you are. Providers like ExpressVPN and IPVanish are highly recommended due to the great quality of their software, their fast speeds and their strong security.

Solution 2 – Disabling Hosters with Captcha

Another way to prevent stream authorization issues is to disable hosters with captcha. For this option, the scrappers have to be configured to scrap links without stream authorization. Thee downside is that while this will eventually reduce the number of links, it also decreases the chance to get a good link. It is possible to do this with addon settings. The majority of addons provide access to users to edit the settings.

How to disable hoster with Captcha

1. Right-click on the addon and select settings
2. You will see the hosters with captchas option under payback menu. You will need to disable it.

The above will disable all hosters with captchas. Once this is done, the providers that require captcha won’t be scraped. All these things have to be done for every movie addon separately.

Solution 3 – Configuring URL Resolver

Hosters with captchas can be easily disabled if multiple Kodi addons are being used. The majority of people have multiple video addons and all of the contents are played from the remote server through the same providers. The process of disabling captcha for all these addons is complex and it is also time-consuming. However, there is a way to disable hosters for all addons in a faster way.

Once the source links are collected by scrappers, they are filtered and resolved by URL Resolver to get the original server. If you configure the URL resolver, it is possible to block some of the provider’s site with captcha. You only need to do this once.

How to configure URL Resolver

  1. Go to settings> System settings and change the mode to “Expert mode”.
  2. Select manage dependencies under the addon menu
  3. From the list, select URL Resolver and then configure
  4. You will see all the hosters under Resolver 1 to Resolvers # (the number depends on how many previously scrapped hosters are available) in alphabetical order.
  5. Choose any hosters with captcha.

This allows you to disable all the hosters with captcha. You only need to do this once. After you do this, any of your scrapers won’t scrap the video.

We have listed the possible solutions for the stream authorization errors such as,, and the way to prevent them. We hope these help you to fix the issues and enjoy a better streaming experience.

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