Ways to Save Money on Hotels Using a VPN

Whenever one travels, there are always two things that one has to keep in mind and that is booking your flight and booking your accommodations. For cheaper flights, one could book flights and save money through using a VPN but some hotels could cost you a lot more. Fortunately, you could also increase your savings on hotels through using one of the best VPNs- CyberGhost.

Hotel Prices Change According to Your Location

Similarly, to airlines, hotels also charge differently depending on where you are currently located when you are booking. Note that comparison sites also track where you are located. Example of this is if you are in America and you are will be booking for an accommodation in Germany, the price will be higher compared to when you are booking from Africa or Asia.

How Websites Track Your Location

Websites for booking hotels usually track your preferences the same way websites like Google can track you. They do it by checking and examining your following data:

  1. Cookies – it stores your browsing history and comparison sites could use this to detect whatever you have searched online for quite a few times.
  2. Mobile Tracking – your GPS feature of your mobile device or tablet could give off where you are currently at.
  3. IP address – this is the easiest way for other sites to detect where you currently are.
  4. WiFi – this is another way which one could detect where you are located as of the moment.

Ways to Save Money on Hotels

1. Change your Location Pin.

Since hotel sites display their prices depending on where you are booking from, you will be able to see the changes of their prices by changing your location through the use of a VPN. One of the best VPNs that could help you save is CyberGhost. Aside from that, Private Internet Access is another cool recommended VPN that could hide your IP address pretty much better. Aside from that, the mentioned VPNs also encrypts your data.

2. Switch Your IP to a Low Income Country

Sometimes those who are in lower income country tend to get lower prices. Hence, it is recommended that you switch your IP address to low income country. This could easily be done through the use of a VPN.

3. Find a Country with a Discount

There are times when some hotels would offer discounts in other countries or to a specific location. You could find a country that offers discount through the use of a VPN. Once you have subscribed to a VPN, you could connect to a server where hotel discount applies. This means, the hotel booking site will locate you in the country that they offer discount to.

4. Clear Your Browsing History

Even with the use of a VPN you should always clear your browsing history and cookies before even starting to search for the lowest and cheapest hotel accommodation. By doing so, you will be able to find better affordable prices.

5. Be Patient

It is highly recommended to be patient. Rushing booking always tend to cost more than the usual. By checking and browsing more the better you could find best and better deals.


CyberGhost is the VPN that we highly recommend. Through it, you will be able to save more on booking your hotel accommodation. They have about 5700 servers located in about 89 countries. This feature will definitely give you more options on finding the best hotel offers. Remember, accommodation prices depend on where you are and where your destination is and CyberGhost does not have any problems with this.

CyberGhost could also unblock geo-restricted sites like Netflix, iPlayer, BBC, Hulu, Sky Go and many more. It could also support torrenting and works on devices such as Windows, Mac OS, Amazon Fire Stick, iOS, Android TV, Linux and Chrome.

Is it Legal to Book Hotels using a VPN?

Booking your hotel accommodations through the use of VPN does not have any legal implications nor does it have any conflict.

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