SlickVPN Review

Based in the US, SlickVPN is a provider that has been offering services since 2012 and while it is not as popular as other options available, it is an affordable solution that promises to offer strong encryption and all the features needed to help you to reclaim your online freedom. One of the highlights of SlickVPN is its Hydra technology that is set to offer a high level of protection for your internet traffic. This VPN also has a good selection of servers that will help you to defeat restrictions to access the content that you want. Here is more about SlickVPN.

Security and Privacy

To keep your data secured, SlickVPN applies 256-bit AES encryption in OpenVPN with DNS leak protection included. Authentication is handled with SHA-1 and for handshaking, they use 2048-bit RSA. Apart from supporting OPenVPN, which is a highly secure protocol, SlickVPN also offers IPSec and PPTP and these protocols use 128-bit encryption, which allows you to enjoy faster speeds. As previously mentioned, there is a powerful security feature available known as Hydra. This is a multi-hop gateway through servers in Washington and other locations.

Hydra is designed to enhance the security of your connection and when it is in use, you are initially connected to one of SlickVPN’s servers through a secure VPN tunnel. After that, the traffic is routed to a different portal and then it goes through a random server in their network before it finally reaches the internet. Since the second VPN hop is randomly selected, your traffic and IP address can’t be traced. Hydra is included when you get a subscription to SlickVPN and you can find set guides that allow you to run it.

SlickVPN offers a no logs policy and it is committed to keep the information of its customers protected. However, the fact that the provider is based in the United States may raise some concerns since it means that it is within the NSA’s jurisdiction and it has to adhere to US regulations. The good news is that if the provider is true to its no logs promise, there won’t be any information to hand over. In addition, SlickVPN has a Warrant Canary that is designed to alert users in case a gag order is received. It is also good to see that SlickVPN accepts anonymous payment methods including Bitcoin, cash and money orders.


SlickVPN has VPN clients specially designed for Mac and Windows, in addition, there are guides available that will allow you to set up the VPN on other platforms supported including Linux, Android and iOS. The VPN client is easy to use, it works well and it offers all the necessary features to protect your privacy. One of the features that SlickVPn offers is auto-group, which allows you to select the servers that you want to connect to based on speed and location. There is also a balancing feature that lets you enjoy the best speeds since it finds the servers that are nearby and that will give you the best performance.

DNS and IP leak protection are also included in the client. In case a DNS leak is detected, the client will notify you and will provide instructions so that you can get it fixed. It is also possible to select your preferred settings and choose how often you want to change your IP address. Scramble is another great feature as it allows you to bypass Deep Packet Inspection. SlickVPN has servers in over 30 countries including Spain, Ireland, Czech Republic, Brazil, United States, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Sweden, Romania and United Kingdom. P2P is allowed and in general, you can enjoy fast speeds. The client has a speed test tab that allows you to check the status and performance of the servers.


You can can get one month of service for $10 USD, but like other providers, SlickVPN offers good discounts when you extend the time of the subscription. For 6 months, you pay $30, meaning that the price per month is reduced to $5. One year costs $48, which means that the monthly price is just $4. It is possible to select the currency that you prefer when you are in the checkout. The plans are affordable, although they are not the lowest in the industry. SlickVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and you can pay using anonymous methods, or other options like cards and PayPal.

Customer Support

The website offers a helpful FAQ section and set up guides that are easy to follow. You can also reach out to SlickVPN via the web form and for security, they also provide a PGP/GPG Key. Customers can find a ticket system option that is available 24/7 and you can expect prompt and professional answers. While a live chat would be ideal, the support team usually responds after a few hours to customers, while general questions sent via the wb forms would be answered within one business day.


SlickVPN is set to protect your traffic effectively and it offers a good network of servers that will allow you to bypass restrictions to access websites and streaming services. However, it is not suitable for bypassing the geo-blocks imposed by Netflix. The Hydra technology and the Scramble feature add security and versatility to your connection. The plans are affordable and the customer service is responsive. Overal, SlickVPN is a good choice for customers who want a simple, reasonably priced solution to protect their online traffic.

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