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While over 30% of the population in Iran uses internet, they are subject to different ways of online censorship. Many popular websites such as YouTube and Facebook have been completely blocked in Iran and there have even been internet blackouts when political elections are taking place. In 2006, ISPs were required to slowdown internet speeds to just 128Kbps and in 2009, a data retention law was introduced forcing them to log the internet traffic of their customers for at least three months. The best solution for internet users in Iran to access services and sites that have been blocked there is to use a VPN. The Iranian government has made some efforts to prevent people from using VPN services by filtering internet data before it goes through the servers in the country. The “smart” internet censorship continues expanding and it has been implemented on applications like Instagram, which is not blocked, although the content is heavily censored.

This smart filtering system is likely to be applied not only on Instagram but also on any other website, which means that any content that is deemed to be inappropriate would be censored. While this may mean that some sites that are currently blocked could eventually become available, people in Iran would still be unable to access the information they want. Freedom to browse, stream or download content will still be limited and as such, having a VPN is a must for those who want to enjoy a flexible and open online experience. Furthermore, a VPN allows users to keep the data protected against eavesdropping and surveillance thanks to the high level of encryption that you can get from the best providers. In this list, you can find what VPNs offer the most suitable service for Iran.


When it comes to versatility, Golden Frog’s VPN service gets a high score and it also stands out due to its great speed, which makes it an ideal solution for customers in Iran. VyprVPN offers a solid set of features, including its impressive Chameleon technology, which will allow users to bypass blocks and filters effectively. The company has a large amount of servers across 50 countries, including Iran and nearby locations. They have short routes that contribute to improve speeds and avoid ISP throttling. With VyprVPN, you can access your favorite content without restrictions and thanks to the dynamic server switching, you can identify and connect to the server that better suits your needs.

Private Internet Access

PIAThere are many good reasons to consider PIA as one of the most convenient solutions for internet users in Iran. Their network of servers offers an extensive coverage around the globe. They have a good selection of servers in Asia and the affordability of their plans puts them on the top for those who are on a budget. Plus, you can connect up to five devices at a time. The strong level of encryption that they support and the fact that they don’t keep logs of your online traffic, ensure that you can keep your privacy protected. Additionally, they accept Bitcoin as a method of payment, which will help you to stay anonymous. Speed and professional customer service are other highlights of PIA.


purevpnPureVPN has over 500 servers in 180 locations in every continent. Many of the countries included in their network are close to Iran and they also have servers in the US and the UK, which are countries known for having some of the best content and applications. This provider is perfect for those who want a great streaming experience because they offer add-ons that are specially designed for this purpose. HDX streaming is one of this additional features that can considerably improve streaming as it includes a special web browser that gives you 20Mbps of cached streaming internet speed. Thanks to this option, even those with a slow internet connection will be able to stream high definition content. The price is also convenient and you can connect up to 5 devices at the same time.


TorGuard’s unique stealth servers are perfect for users in Iran as they enable them to overcome censorship effectively. Thanks to these servers you can avoid Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) firewalls and enjoy stealth VPN access anywhere you are. TorGuard also stands out for the free license of VPN software Viscosity, which is included in their Anonymous plan. They have servers in over 40 countries and their high level of encryption will make sure that your data remains secure. The list of plans available have features that will suit different needs. TorGuard’s privacy policy states that no logs of your online activity are kept and you can use anonymous payment options like Bitcoin


IbVPN is another good option for customers in Iran, thanks to their commitment to security and online freedom. Their service provides security, speed and effective transfer rates that will allow you to enjoy good results as you stream content. At the same time, the encryption applied ensures that your private information remains safe and protected from prying eyes. Since many people are still new to the world of VPNs, it is important to look for an option that is easy to install and to use. Their software is user friendly and the pricing stricture allows you to select the option that better suits your requirements. They have servers in 39 countries, with many locations that will be suitable for users in Iran. One of the best things about ibVPN is that they have a helpful and highly skilled customer support team.

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