Best VPNs for Taiwan

Following the democratization process in Taiwan, freedom of speech was generally embraced. Although the diversity of views and the objectivity of the press is still affected by self-censorship and the close influence from China, Taiwan offers one of the freest environments in Asia. Technology has allowed the country to advance in business and a large percentage of the population has access to internet. Still, internet users in the country are subject to the same restrictions that affect users around the world, particularly when it comes to copyright content.

Following pressure from copyright holders, the government has implemented directives that aim to give a greater control over internet and the content accesses by users. In 2013, an internet black list law was proposed, but the bill faced public outcry and was criticized by media outlets and online freedom campaigners who compared it to the Great Wall of China. The bill was defended by the government arguing that it was only intended to block websites with illegal content, instead of censoring internet and that popular US websites would not be affected.

In the end, the plans to introduce the blacklist law were abandoned following the the opposition from internet users and the media. However, the situation may change in the future and it is likely that the government will attempt to adjust the law in the future in order to comply with pressure from copyright enforcement agencies and governments in countries that impose stricter controls over online content.

While there are no major reports of extended surveillance in Taiwan, online privacy should be a concern for all internet users. Using a VPN will enable you to encrypt your data in order to keep it private and safe from online eavesdroppers. In addition, if you want to use P2P services, it is advisable to use a VPN to protect your identity and prevent possible issues related to copyright.

Using a VPN will also enable you to access content from streaming applications like BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Netflix and HBO, which are generally restricted to specific locations. Additionally, it is a good option for gaming because you can get more efficient routes to US gaming servers for better speed.

Here is a list of the best VPN solutions for Taiwan.


Known for its incredible speeds and smooth VPN client, ExpressVPN is a great option for Taiwan as it has a broad selection of servers in Asia Pacific. They have servers in Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines and more. Their servers in the US West Coast will allow you easy access to content from popular applications. With more than 85 locations to choose from, excellent customer service and superb speeds for streaming, ExpressVPN is a fantastic solution that also offers top level security.


IPVanish offers high technology and vast experience to protect your online privacy and to help you to defeat blocks. Their software is simple and their top level encryption will cover you, even when you connect to internet using public Wi-Fi. If you are looking for a fast service, they deliver that, allowing you to stream content and enjoy online gaming without hassle. While they don’t have servers in Taiwan, they have presence in other countries in Asia including Malaysia, Japan, Thailand and South Korea.

Private Internet Access

PIA is very popular thanks to its good combination of speed, security and low prices. For less than $3.50 per month (when you choose the annual plan), you can enjoy strong encryption to protect your privacy, up to five simultaneous connections and access to over 3,000 servers in 24 countries. The servers are strategically located to ensure that users enjoy efficient connections, no matter where they are. They have options in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and much more.


PureVPN allows you to enjoy affordable prices and a service that includes practical features like Kill switch and split tunneling. They have servers in 141 countries, which is quite impressive and will ensure that you can defeat blocks and keep your privacy intact. For those who are mainly interested in streaming, the portal streaming browsing feature is a valuable option that allows you to enjoy HD streaming faster. PureVPN supports up to five simultaneous connections.


Chameleon, the unique technology that VyprVPN offers is one of the main highlights of this VPN from Golden Frog, a company with strong experience in online services. Chameleon will allow you to overcome firewalls in order to enjoy the protection of a VPN without being affected by blocks. They have servers in Taiwan, the West Coast of the US (Los Angeles and San Francisco), Hong Kong and in more than 50 countries across the world. You can switch between servers as often as needed and enjoy high protection for your privacy.

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