Best VPN for League of Legends

When it comes to multiplayer online battle video games in the world, League of Legends is one of the most thrilling and addictive titles available. Produced by Riot Games, League of Legends, or LoL as it is widely known, is loved by millions of players around the world. League of Legends was released in 2009 and it is possible to enter the game for free. There is a US service run from Riot Games’ offices in Chicago, but the company doesn’t LoL around the world. Outside the United States, other companies are licensed by Riot Games to run LoL servers. Since the content is licensed for a specific region, there are blocks implemented to prevent access from other locations.

For players, the blocks mean that they can only battle opponents in their region. If you have friends living abroad who share your passion for LoL and want to play with them, you will have to defeat the geographical restrictions. This is possible with the help of a VPN service that lets you change your location so that you can join a server in a different region. Since lag can affect your gaming experience, it is important to select the VPN server that is closer to the League of Legends server that you wish you to access. For instance, for the US server, the best option is to connect to a server in Chicago if possible, or at least one that is in a city that is close to Chicago.

When choosing a VPN for League of Legends, it is important to opt for a solution that is fast. Speed is crucial in LoL as you need to make sure that your actions are instantly reflected in the game to be able to defeat your opponents. A VPN gives you the chance to overcome geo-blocks so that you can enjoy flexibility to access the server that you want, but there is another important reason to use a VPN for League of Legends and that is security. Some people may try to use unfair tactics to get ahead in the game. One of the methods that shady players may is to launch a DDoS attack, which can slow down you down and eventually disconnect you from the game server.

In order to to target you with a DDoS attack, other players only need to know your IP address. This may be obtained from forums, VoIP systems and other apps that you use to communicate with your team and other players. You can prevent these attacks with a VPN because this assigns you a temporary IP address, which is the one that others will see. If they launch a DDoS attack against that IP address, they would be attacking the VPN provider instead of you. Since VPNs have a lot of capacity on their servers, they can absorb these attacks. You won’t be affected and will be able to play without issues. In addition, a VPN encrypts your traffic, which keeps your privacy protected. Here we have listed the VPNs that are fast, secure and that give you the best performance when you are playing LoL.

Best VPN Services for LOL


IPVanish has a solid reputation in the VPN industry thanks to the great quality of its service. Their team has extensive experience and their network offers stability and advanced technology. Since IPVanish is a Tier 1 level provider, it manages its own infrastructure, which results in fast and reliable speeds. With IPVanish, you will be able to play League of Legends without worrying about interruptions. You can connect to servers in over 60 countries and they have over 50 servers in Chicago, which makes it ideal if you want to connect to the US LoL server. IPVanish doesn’t keep logs.


When it comes to speed, ExpressVPN is a provider that deserves high scores. This VPN is designed to protect your traffic with strong encryption, while offering remarkable speeds. The reliability, ease of use and top quality of the service makes it one of the best options not only for LoL, but for anything you do online. They have servers in over 90 countries and the list of cities covered in the United States includes Chicago. Although the price of their plans is higher than what other providers offer, it is justified by the efficiency and great selection of features supported. No logs of your traffic are kept.


Golden Frog is a solid internet consortium and it offers a fantastic VPN solution: VyprVPN. You can enjoy a great combination of advanced features and amazing speeds, which has allowed VyprVPN to become one of the best options for League of Legends. Thanks to their exclusive Chameleon technology, you will be able to bypass firewalls and blocks effortlessly. The provider also has an extensive selection of servers and it manages its own network so you can expect stable and reliable performance. No traffic logs are kept and you can connect to servers in over 70 global locations.


PureVPN is a practical and fast solution that allows you to connect to servers in over 140 countries. With the high level of encryption and fast speeds supported, you can enjoy LoL without worrying about the security of your online data. Thanks to the wide global coverage, you can enjoy an efficient connection regardless of your location since you can always find an option that gives you the best performance. PureVPN offers affordable plans and its privacy policy states that no traffic logs are kept.

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