Best VPN for Synology

Synology has earned a top place when it comes to solutions for Network Attached Storage, commonly known as NAS. NAS devices give you the possibility of storing and sharing data from multiple devices and platforms. The files can be accessed locally and if you have an internet connection, they can also be accessed while you are travelling. DD-WRT or Tomato allow you to set up your own NAS for less, but it is advisable to opt for Synology instead. This solution created in Taiwan, provides high quality and works conveniently. You can rely on Synology for anything from simple NAS to advanced internet functionality. Their technology covers all the features that you may need and it is capable of handling different tasks with top performance. For instance, Synology can be used as a VPN server or a VPN client. The main benefit of running a VPN client on Synology is that it will secure your connection, keeping your data private. Another advantage is that you will have the possibility of running any plugs, no matter what geo-location restrictions may be in place.

Although running a VPN client will slowdown your connection, if privacy is a priority for you, it is the best option. Plus, with high quality VPN providers, the impact on your connection’s speed will be minimized. Choosing the right VPN to work with Synology will help you to enjoy an optimal experience. The providers included in this list will allow you to make the most out of Synology, while keeping things simple. Apart from offering useful guides to configure Synology with their service, they can also provide support in case you are having difficulties during the set up. There are the best VPNs for Synology.


If you are looking for top speed and advanced features, consider VyprVPN by Golden Frog. Apart from offering a fast and effective solution to protect your online privacy and to access your favorite content, VyprVPN offers great customer support. The unique Chameleon technology is designed to help you to bypass geo-location based restrictions, ISP blocks and censorship filters fast and easily. The privacy policy states that no activity logs are kept and since they manage their own network, they can guarantee the security of your data and the fast performance of their VPN. There are servers in over 40 countries and they have three plans, which start at a monthly cost of $9.99, but you can end up paying just $6.67 if you decide to pay for 12 months in advance. On their website, you can find a instructions to connect Synology NAS devices to VyprVPN using OpenVPn or PPTP.


PureVPN remains at the top of the VPN industry with a service that combines outstanding speed and high-grade security. PureVPN also has a user-friendly interface and you can easily customize the connection settings to suit your needs. The advanced Smart Purpose Selection technology is designed to help you find the right server, depending on what you want to do online. Whether it is streaming, downloading, gaming or just browsing, PureVPN will make sure that you find the server that suits you. They have a very helpful guide that takes you through the process of setting up Synology. Additionally, the no-logs policy establishes that no activity logs are kept and they regularly run special discounts. The price for one month is $9.95, but for the best value you can opt for a two-year plan and end up paying just $2.08 per month.

Private Internet Access

Commonly known as PIA, this Hong Kong based provider has earned the trust of many users across the world thanks to its efficient performance and competitive pricing. For $6.95 per month, or just $3.33 if you pay in advance for a full year, you can access over 3300 servers in 25 countries. PIA’s network includes servers in Japan, United Kingdom, Mexico, India, Australia and Canada. The solid no logs policy ensures that your data remains secure and private. The service is fast, versatile and supports up to five connections at the same time. Combining Private Internet Access with Synology will extend your options to store and share your online data, in a secure way.


Apart from being highly popular, HideMyAss is one of the most complete VPN services available. They provide great customer support, advanced technology and impressive speeds. Their set up guides are easy to follow and you can find detailed instructions to set up Synology NAS with their VPN. The large selection of locations to connect to is another appeal of HideMyAss. They have servers in over 190 countries so you are likely to find an option that is perfect for you, regardless of your location. One month costs $11.52 but if you decide to rely on HMA for a full year, the monthly price will be reduced to $6.55.


Since IPVanish manages its own infrastructure, they can provide remarkable speeds and solid performance. Their service is a reliable, versatile and easy to use solution to protect your online data, while ensuring that you can unblock content without hassle. While the support offered for Synology is not as strong as what other providers in the list offer, the NAS technology can be set up on the VPN and the overall quality of the service make it worth considering. They have servers in over 60 countries and the monthly price is $10, or $6.49 when you subscribe for a full year.

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