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Many legendary TV shows have been produced in the UK and the country is home for some of the most popular broadcasters in the world. In fact, one of the reasons why VPNs appeal to users outside the UK is that this technology offers the possibility of accessing content that is only available in that country. Options like BBC iPlayer, Channel 4oD and more high quality services can be accessed with the help of a VPN. Those who follow English football and other sports will also benefit from the use of a VPN to watch events that are only offered within the UK. While the possibility of accessing content from the BBC and Channel 4 appeals to many people outside the UK, British internet users also have many reasons to opt for a VPN.

The GCHQ has collaborated closely with the NSA to implement surveillance programs that target communications and other internet activities carried on by users in the UK. At the same time, advertisers and large companies look for ways to gather information that allows them to earn money, all at the expense of your privacy. There is also the risk of online fraudsters trying to get access to your online data to exploit it for their own benefit. Across the UK, there are many options to connect to internet and it is easy to find Wi-Fi hotspots. However, you are even more vulnerable when you connect to internet this way as cyber criminals are lurking, waiting for the chance to steal your information.

In order to choose the best VPN services for the United Kingdom, we took into consideration the providers that have a good selection of servers there. This ensures that those who live in other countries, have the possibility of accessing content that is only available there. Speed is another important factor to consider because it will have an impact on your streaming experience. Ease of use and reliability should also be kept in mind, as well as encryption because as previously mentioned, privacy is under threat and it is crucial to implement ways to make sure that your data remains secure. Here are the most convenient VPN solutions for the UK.


With over 60 servers in different locations in the UK such as London and Maidenhead, PureVPN is one of the best options to unlock content from the United Kingdom. They provide a fast and efficient service that is also supported by a high level of encryption to keep your information safe. The extensive selection of servers, along with a good list of features designed for streaming (such as the streaming buffering service), are sure to help you to enjoy content from broadcasting services in the UK, without hassle. Additionally, PureVPN can give peace of mind to users who want to keep their data encrypted to defend it against online surveillance and eavesdroppers. Up to five simultaneous connections are allowed and the pricing is very affordable.


UK residents can also rely on IPVanish to enjoy security for their online connection as the company has direct control over their network of servers. It is also an optimal solution for customers around the world who want to overcome geo-location restrictions to watch BBC iPlayer and more. IPVanish offers advanced technology through its VPN client, which is easy to set up and to use. There are over 30 servers in Nottingham, Manchester, Liverpool and London, giving you plenty of choice to unlock UK applications no matter where you live, or to keep a UK IP while adding encryption to your online traffic. Speeds are also excellent and the customer support is knowledgeable and helpful.

Private Internet Access

PIA provides all the features needed to enhance your security when you connect to internet, while it also enables you to bypass geo-locations blocks in order to get access to the content that you want. Many people have chosen PIA due to its low prices and considering the solid performance and good speeds supported, the providers offers great value for money. There are thousands of servers available and you can count on practical features like unlimited bandwidth, top encryption and support for P2P, VoiP and SOCKS5. There are more than 230 servers in London and Southampton, which will allow users across the world to find an option to stream content with good speed.


The speed and solid set of features that ExpressVPN offers make it another great option for users who want to access content from the UK. They are also committed to protect your data with strong encryption and there are not usage logs kept. Thanks to the fast servers in their network, ExpressVPN has become the favorite option for anyone who wants to stream content without experiencing delays. The Windows and OS X clients are easy to use and work really well. The same can be said about the mobile apps for Android and iOS so even if you need to connect to internet using public Wi-Fi, you can keep your data secure. In the UK, they have servers in Kent, Maidenhead, Berkshire and London.


HMA is based in the UK so it is not a surprise that they have over 90 servers there and more than 14,400 IPs to choose from. They have a solid experience in offering services that allow you to access the content that you want. HMA’s fast connection routes give you the possibility of stream media content seamlessly. In terms of global coverage, they stand our from the competition by supporting servers in nearly every country in the world. You can easily mask your IP address to keep your identity protected and to get access to applications that are not available in your country. If you live in the UK ad want to stream content from the US or other location, HMA is also a practical solution.

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