Best Free VPN Extensions for Chrome

Chrome has practical features and it is easy to use, which has enabled it to become one of the most popular web browsers available today. In order to get more out of your Chrome experience and enjoy access to a great deal of content, even if it is blocked in your location, it is worth considering to add a VPN extension to your web browser. VPNs will also add a layer of protection to your online browsing, masking your location and identity, and enhancing your privacy. If you are unable to access a website due to geographical restrictions or because your network has implemented blocks to certain content, a VPN can be a practical way to bypass these limitations.

Although proxies also support this functionality, VPNs have an added benefit that make them a better option overall. With a VPN, your traffic is encrypted so others won’t be able to see what websites you visit or what you search for on Google. Although a paid VPN service covers all your online traffic and it can offer better performance and security, using a free VPN extension will save you not only money, but also time since you won’t need to configure a VPN client. In just a few steps, you will be able to improve the security of your browsing activities and add versatility to them.

We’ll go through the list of VPN apps and extensions that are perfect to secure your browsing and unblock content when you use Google Chrome.

Hola – Unlimited Free VPN

Hola is widely used around the world and it offers reliable performance to bypass restrictions and get access to content that is restricted in your location. The free Hola unblocker lets you open the doors to a greater selection of online content. No ads are featured so you can enjoy browsing without distractions. Hola is easy to install and to use and while its main purpose is to help you to bypass restrictions to access the content you want, it also offers security and helps you to keep your actual location and identity hidden.


Millions of people have chosen ZenMate as their online security and content unblocking solution. With ZenMate, your connection is protected with high encryption and you get the chance to unblock content and enjoy a truly versatile browsing experience. Your IP address and location are masked so that you can surf internet without exposing your identity. With ZenMAte, you will be able to connect to over 30 locations including United States and United Kingdom, two countries known for offering some of the best online streaming services in the world. ZenMate stands out for its remarkable speed and efficiency. You will be able to stream and download content without experiencing annoying delays.


Browsec is an advanced analog of Hola, ZenMate and other solutions that also offer security and access to more content for Chrome users. Browsec adds security to your online navigation that to the strong level of encryption that it provides. It also allows you to unblock websites and services that have been blocked in your location. Browsec is a practical solution to overcome restrictions when you are using public WiFi hotsposts, or when you are using your school or work network, where websites like Facebook and YouTube may be blocked. Apart from giving you flexibility to access the content you want, Browsec also routes your traffic through a secure cloud network to keep it safe. It hides your real location and thanks to its fast performance, it is ideal for using social media and streaming websites without hassle.


DotVPN focuses on helping users to bypass restrictions so that you can a broader range of content from around the world. It also allows you to secure your activities on Google Chrome, even if you are using a public WiFi hotspot or networks that are not secure. With DotVPN you get unlimited bandwidth and you can connect to over 10 countries including United States, a country that hosts a lot of popular content. You can switch between location as many times as you want. DotVPN encrypts data using 4096 bit key and it offers integrated compression to help you to keep your traffic usage low in case you are connecting using data. Connecting to the VPN takes only one tap and the service comes with a firewall that prevents incoming connections. There is a Premium version, but free users get access to 80% of the features available.

Gom VPN – Bypass and unblock

This free solution is designed to give you access to content that is affected by blocks imposed by your ISP, network administrator or the government. You can connect to Gom VPN with a single tap and enjoy ultra fast speed, without any configuration required. Gom works not only with Google Chrome, but also with other popular platforms like Android, iOS and Firefox. It is free, simple and effective when it comes to unblocking content, no matter where you are. Gom is a highly rated solution that is trusted by many Google Chrome users who want freedom to access content that is not available in their location and it also offers encryption to secure your data and to give you peace of mind.

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